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Suddenly Weisselberg is off of 40 Trump companies.

We know Trump has no loyalty, this looks like company triage or possibly set up to take the fall.

Good luck on the next indictments of Trump children.

Btw, where's Rudy?

Under the bus, with most of the GOP leadership.

CPAC cheers the unvaccinated?

Is this a stupidity contest?

Some of those people cheering are going to get sick, die, or kill friends & family.

Red State ICUs are full of 99.5% unvaccinated sick & still dying.

Oh, F*ck you, conservatives & CPAC.

You're pathetic assholes.

The DOJ just named Donnie Trump in a court filing.

Also, they just named Fox News in another, both regarding the Capitol innsurection.

This is huge.

I just got off the Phone with a Right-wing friend who said "I'll never get vaccinated, it was a China & Dem plot, to beat Trump!"

So, you Trumper's are anti-vax & masks for all pandemics? Like Polio, Spanish, Swine & Bird flu, etc?


I guess you choose Darwinism.


Delta Variant is 60% more transmissable & deadly than the Alpha Variant, which was 50% more transmissable than Covid-19.

It will kill teens & kids.

The Red States largely anti-vax & mask.

It's basic math.

The Unvaccinated are already clogging the ICUs, winter will be murder.

Evangelicals have a stupid Self-inflicted "Qanon" problem.

They tied themselves to the biggest sinner ever, made him holy Trump, now their flock is turning into crazy hatefilled assholes.

On terrorist watch lists, & getting arrested.

Trump is an embarrassing crazy disintegrating panicked criminal mess.

People who support Trump/GQP are insane.

Alt-reality echo chamber has destroyed their ability to deal with the real world.

GOP is all in for Trump as he publicly implodes financially, legally & mentally.

That's a lot of goodwill for America.
A great move against the Covid-19 Pandemic.

I'm proud America did this.

Go, Joe!

Wow, that looks bad, this brings in foreign bribery, tax fraud, RICO, etc.

Do you see it?
20%. 1 out of 5.

That's the same number as people with some cognitive issues in society.

It's not 50% like we are being sold.

The lies are the problem.

This is a misinformed manipulated population that is dwindling.

Lies don't hold up in the long run.

Bye, oil economy.
See you, Putin, Opec
& other Oil-oligarchies.

We will still need oil, just not a growth market anymore.

So this changes things.

Energy evolution, science denial won't help you.

Good luck adapting, or not.

I'm not sure where the Trumpian/GOP thinks this is going.

The evidence looks awful, obstructing it, is worses.

Do you think denying reality at the top of your lungs is helping? When we all saw it?

Or, do you think it amplifies interest in your crimes against the Constitution?


Trump idiots might do some terror stuff.

Because you know, Freedumb & the big lie.


You said you'll be fine. I'm healthy, I'll just get the virus. Vaccines help with many other health dangers.

Prepare to have a broken dick.
It's on the rise.
Well, not yours.🤣

Hey GOP, you do know this is admissable as evidence, don't you?

So is all the video & other convictions, & the 445 perpetrators' statements from the Capitol Attack.

OMG, are you guys dumb.

So, it has nothing to do with actually achieving anything.

The GOP stands for nothing.

I just got my 2nd Vaccine shot, in a lovely park near my house, with a lot of great people of all races.

I feel privileged.

I drove into a beautiful graveyard nearby to pay my respect, and honor those 578K who never got the chance.

"Is there a tracking device in the vaccine?"
- Right-wing morons.

If you are this stupid, ask yourself questions:

How much would that cost?

How many would have health risks from this?

Doesn't your Phone have them?

How did we catch over 400+ idiots without the vaccine?

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