This looks really bad, we have lots of evidence, testimonies soon.

The Anti-vax Right-wing is making headlines by dropping like flies to Covid-19.

I think their deaths speak louder than their radio shows.

Hey, Texas, Florida & Alabama, vote blue.

Your people are dying for dumb politically motivated stupid non-reason.

Freezer trucks, for your bodies.
Stop listening to idiots.

Red state Govs are endangering your kids.

Anti-vax will soon be a choice not to do anything publicly.

You are a danger to others.
It's the pandemic wave of the unvaccinated.
More infection & death than ever.

Stay home if you want to be stupid.

The Trump trolls stopped defending him, now they defend Covid Spread.

What does that tell you?

Trump's a lost cause, & C-19 death is more popular, to people who like taking a beating.

Florida & Texas:

We need help!

The Covid delta variant is ravaging our states! Our hospitals are full!

Send us your medical professionals!
Let us, export our patients!

Btw, we deny C-19 science & ignore any safety, vaccinations & masks.

You read Jeffery Rosen's testimony.
Then you listen to the Trump/GQP idiots.

They are guilty as hell.
The DOJ has no choice now.

We all know publicly what happened.

It's a fricken organized coup of sedition attack on the Capitol, on the day of confirmation of Biden.

Why GQP?

The 5 stages of Death:

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, & Acceptance

Denial, & Anger: are shown by lies.
Bargaining: is whataboutism & blame.
Depression: we see you acting sad & manic.

Not Accepting it, does not change the Death of this Criminal Fascist Coup.

Trump & the GQP are getting caught in obvious slap-stick criminal sedition.

Trump officials testifying to it, we have evidence, & it's documented.

After a while, lying about being guilty in reality is comedy.

The investigation will be trouncing these pathetic idiots.

Okay, Fox News you are telling people to use violence against our American citizens.

This is Coup talk, this is treason.

What's wrong with voting, talking & the constitution?

Oh, that's right, you have only bad & criminal ideas.

The laws of our country, are against you.

If you can't see the difference in the political parties, look at C-19 policy & science.

Now you can, it's called death.

Don't be a Covidiot.

Late to the game, but at least a bunch of death changed some Covidiots minds.

Can you please stop being anti-Science?

It makes no sense.
Do you buy the latest phones, gadgets, boats & cars?

It's still science.

Delta is a deadlier strain & more transmittable than Smallpox, the common cold, flu, Ebola.

Mask up, get Vax'd, or regret your bad decisions.

The vaccine will save your life, but you can still get & transmit Delta.

You're in deep trouble, many will regret it.

Hey, Trump/GQP, this should give you night sweats.

Attempted blocking testimony may be stupid, fruitless, self-incriminating & worse, it may be pointless.

Huge amounts of evidence are available.

Defending lies will cost you.

Well, GOP Governers?

It looks like finally announcing "Take Covid seriously" yesterday was about 17 months & a few variants too late.

Those look like travel restrictions brewing, give it a month.

By winter?
New variants?

Glad you came around.
Best keep up with the truth.

How do you even pretend this is normal?

I'll give you if you're an insane cult member but add in massive fraud, insurrection, 2 impeachments, Putin support, Russia & Saudi charges?

No one is that stupid, well, maybe the GOP.

"The pandemic of the unvaccinated"

How many death will it be before they realize we are talking about Red states & Covidiots?

After 17 months of C-19 lying, the GOP & Fox News has just figured out they are killing their own fool audience.

Now their own Covidiots hate them too.

Trump supporters are caught by the FBI wanting to kill people.

5 pipe bombs, fully automatic weapons, 45 guns, 1000's of rounds of Ammo.

Twitter got a mention.

It's wise to treat these Trump Supporters as domestic terrorists, DOJ.

Because they are.

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