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You are on the first page of the list!

Almost 3 pages worth of great people!

I'm proud of each of you.

Please check in with me if I missed you. convert to usable free with any OCR online.

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Welcome! @Karoli

I'm a new fan! And, I share your hope for Warren. Vote lady leaders!

Added to the List!

A free online OCR will convert to usable data.

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More people kicked, off the bird.

More people coming here.

More complaining about twitter.

Social networking, back in your hands is sounding good, people like Mastodon, that's leverage against Jack.

Help me create a bigger list of people that are here!

@MrScottLads2 @Thunderbirds511

It's going to get far worse than we thought.

A greedy pathological liar, fraud & sociopath with valuable State secrets, who loves dictators?

You do the math.

'Incriminating Evidence': Trump Audio Reveals 'Bad Intent' On Stolen Cla... via

This is remarkable.
A J6 video release
You should all watch this new footage.

WATCH: Cops Scramble In Ruthless TRUMP Flag Attack via @YouTube

This is brilliant.

Gavin Newsom DESTROYS MAGA Republicans Messaging in under 30 seconds via

Music to my ears, Troy from @MeidasTouch
Maga fascism failing.

MAGA Rallies are GETTING Embarrassingly SMALL crowds via @YouTube

A Trump troll PSA.

Rejecting all information besides one source isn't thinking, it's programming.

It proves you are not thinking.

Denying science, history, the Associated Press & court docs as lies?

Means all of those things are against your weird conspiracy falsehood.

No one defends Chuck Todd.

The right-wing post appearances on MTP,
full of lies, ridiculous claims & outright GOP propaganda.

Meet the press, what a joke.
The press isn't represented on that show.

Meet Republican talking points & lies is the correct description.

Ginni Thomas Linked To Multiple Groups That Lobbied SCOTUS To Overturn Roe via @YouTube

@JRHorsting ☕️😏 These Carter, Rogers reunions are getting to be quite the thing at Avengers Campus. Course I can hear the Colonel Phillips cosplayer saying: “Will you two focus until after November’s election! This ain’t no USO tour we’re running!”

I think "America First" designates the order of which Democracies Right-wing fascists would like to destroy.

I'm Jazzed for this.👍🌹🥂

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power TV Review via

Keywords, "Willful Intent."

Reports That Trump Reviewed Documents Shows His 'Willful Intent' Says Fi... via @YouTube

#NewYork don't forget you have #PrimaryElections today!
This is your chance to decide who represents your party on the November ballot!
Double check your district, because some have primaries for only one party or the other.
You can look up you district information and candidates on

Welcome to the party, Kevin!

“I cannot continue to be a part of a political party that is okay with a violent attempt to overturn a free and fair election and continues to peddle claims that the 2020 election was stolen."
-Sen Kevin Priola

After decades in GOP, Colo. senator says: ‘We need Democrats in charge’

McConnell Reaping What His Party Has Sown With Extremist GOP Candidates

I give her a real chance in Florida. Marco is so weak and can’t generate any ground swell enthusiasm whereas she is doing exactly that.

Opinion | Don’t underestimate Val Demings. She’s got Marco Rubio pegged.

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