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I'm proud of each of you.

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Welcome! @Karoli

I'm a new fan! And, I share your hope for Warren. Vote lady leaders!

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More people kicked, off the bird.

More people coming here.

More complaining about twitter.

Social networking, back in your hands is sounding good, people like Mastodon, that's leverage against Jack.

Help me create a bigger list of people that are here!

@MrScottLads2 @Thunderbirds511

Why Trump's Frivolous Executive Privilege Lawsuit Will Fail AND Why It W... via

The Rachel Maddow Show 10/19/2021 [FULL 9PM] MSNBC Breaking News Today o... via @YouTube

News that's good for you & your spirit.

Donald Trump Tells Followers: DON'T VOTE! - News Dump via @YouTube

Today was a beautiful day to get vaccinated. So I did.

I vaccinated for myself, my loved ones, my family, and my friends. Science saves lives. Vaccines save lives.

Get vaccinated when you can, then help others get theirs. #Vaccination #VaccinesSaveLives #CovidVaccine #Shot1of2

I have never seen a more reckless and cynical political move as the one put forth by Republican leaders under Trump's misguidance that getting vaccinated would help the Biden administration and they want to see him fail so that they can get voted back into office and not lose the seats they have.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans dying and/or sick for the long term needlessly for a misguided political cause. It is immoral, unconscionable, and very cynical to come up with such a diabolical scheme to prevent your opponent from being a successful President. On top of the fact that banning mandates though executive order is exactly what Republicans say they're against. #FuckingHypocrites

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bans any COVID-19 vaccine mandates — including for private employers-


According to the latest statistics ...


4.14 million people contracted Covid

5,448 in the last 24 hours

68,047 people have DIED

These are only estimates.

Abbott is an F'ing Moron. His day of
reckoning will come.

I'm tired of 20% of vile racist idiots trying to ruin things for the rest of us & our country.

Sickness, poverty, ignorance & hatred may be fine for you, but we don't want it. via @YouTube

Good, fun info.

Joe Biden Cancels Christmas? (Supply Chain Issues Explained) - TechNewsDay via @YouTube

Worth watching.

The Rachel Maddow Show 10/14/21 [FULL 9PM] MSNBC Breaking News Today oct... via

Good news.
Bad for Bannon.

BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 10/14/21 [FULL 7PM] мѕnвc Breaking News Today Octob... via @YouTube

We are down to less than 18% of people saying they won't get vaccinated now.

So there are most of your Trump voters.

I'm not sure if some of those will make it through winter.

It's time for us to get back to reality & stop listening to liars.

Science tells us it will be bad.

I talk to the right-wing more than I want to.

They are freaked out, desperate, leaping to any flimsy conspiracy.

Biden's 24/7 port deal made them crazy today.

Replacing us!

No, work program.
Don't be stupid.

Solutions freak them out.

The Rachel Maddow Show [FULL 9PM] 10/13/21 - MSNBC BREAKING NEWS Oct 13,... via @YouTube

Capitol insurrection:

650 arrested, 100 people plead guilty.
That's a ton of testimony.
More Subpeonas.
Records released.

It will be brutal.

Give it time.

All in with Chris Hayes [FULL 8PM] 10/13/21 MSNBC Breaking News Today Oc... via @YouTube

All In With Chris Hayes 8PM FULL 10/12/21 | MSNBC BREAKING NEWS Today O... via @YouTube

Holy crap.
Make America Great Again, again?

Donnie's a mess.
How can anyone buy this crap?

Again, again? That insinuates you failed since you're running again... because you lost again & again & again.🤣😂🤣😂

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