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Almost 3 pages worth of great people!

I'm proud of each of you.

Please check in with me if I missed you. convert to usable free with any OCR online.

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Welcome! @Karoli

I'm a new fan! And, I share your hope for Warren. Vote lady leaders!

Added to the List!

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More people kicked, off the bird.

More people coming here.

More complaining about twitter.

Social networking, back in your hands is sounding good, people like Mastodon, that's leverage against Jack.

Help me create a bigger list of people that are here!

@MrScottLads2 @Thunderbirds511

Good reporting.

Acosta: For Trump, everyday is a grievance Groundhog Day via @YouTube

The GOP is a badly written horror movie, that relies on overused jump scares & weak premises, to fill the runtime of a bad plot.

Wise words.

Georgia Official Admits Rudy Giuliani's Lies Sparked Georgia Voter Suppr... via @YouTube

Holy Sh*t, well, good luck with this in court.
A high counsel that addresses history & knowledge, to fit the agenda?

2+2= whatever we say it does.🤣

Okay, if you buy this, I have a swampland to sell you.

Hm, Florida.🤔 via @YouTube

The Fox News legal problems are just starting, they are going to get implicated in investigations.

Lies, hate & racism are not growth industries, just a sad scam with no future. via @YouTube

Emails Show Trump Appointees Celebrating After Suppressing COVID Data via @YouTube

45 is now my least favorite number.

The new brand is 45.

TR45ON is a great way to remember it.

Trump Tries To Rebrand Himself Because His Name Is So Toxic via @YouTube

Agreed, Kemp needs prosecution.

Georgia Governor Says Voter Suppression Is Worth The Boycotts And Lawsuits via @YouTube

Karma, chaos, crime, corruption, & crazy.

Sorry, you're a problem waiting to happen.

Headhunters Struggling To Find Jobs For Former Trump Staffers via @YouTube

Have you ever watched a person getting caught in a horrible lie, one that they have no chance of explaining?

That's the whole GOP.

Is it just me?

Or is anyone else get the inclination to yell, Go, Joe! Order it, Sir.

We are swarmed w/ unnecessary guns in the US.

Oh, btw keep them the hell out of the Capitol, we make US laws there.

If you need guns in congress, you're too stupid to be in congress.

It's obvious, the GOP is terrified of voters.

Bad ideas & lying, are not popular.

You better stop with the big lie, to make racist laws to prevent minority voting.

Shades Of Jim Crow: How GOP Is Using The Big Lie To Roll Back Voting Acc... via @YouTube

Spot on.

Joy Reid Calls GOP Attacks On Voting Rights ‘Intellectually Dishonest’ |... via @YouTube

Hey Right-wing, this is a must-watch.
Not to change your mind but as a warning of the legal charges coming to people who lied to you.

As the investigations go on, the FBI is monitoring you, in your dumb chat rooms, just a heads up. via @YouTube

Even Trump won't defend him.

Well, that's brutal.
Donnie stood up for some of the worst assholes ever.

I guess he's in deep do-do

GOP's Gaetz In Free Fall: Sought Trump Pardon Before Bombshell Sex Probe... via @YouTube

The GOP is wack.

Republicans Demand COVID Passports To Enter Their Donor Retreat via

Use Of Force Expert Testifies: Derek Chauvin Wrongly Used 'Deadly Force' On George Floyd - HuffPost via @GoogleNews

Amazon CEO Supports Higher Corporate Taxes To Pay For Infrastructure Pla... via @YouTube

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