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More people kicked, off the bird.

More people coming here.

More complaining about twitter.

Social networking, back in your hands is sounding good, people like Mastodon, that's leverage against Jack.

Help me create a bigger list of people that are here!

@MrScottLads2 @Thunderbirds511

This speaks volumes beyond egregious violations of law.
This irrevocably condemns Barr.

More than 1,100 ex-DOJ employees call for Attorney General Barr's resignation - USA TODAY via @googlenews

Single-payer healthcare is a system we can afford and data supports it.

I will but candidates who want this system are getting my primary vote.

"The difference in administrative costs between the two countries would "not only cover all the uninsured but also eliminate all the copayments and deductibles."

American health care system costs four times more than Canada's single-payer system:

House Democrats have passed nearly 400 bills. Trump and Republicans are ignoring them.

Trump may want to look to the Republican-controlled Senate or McConnell’s “legislative graveyard,” instead.

If you want

and let too

211m gallons of sewage spilled into Fort Lauderdale waterways, officials say

We got Star Wars Rebel scum

There's always the truth, & an exhaust port somewhere.

First, they pick Thanos, now the Dark side, do they watch movies?

How should Democrats fight back against Trump's billion-dollar "Death Star"? - Salon via @googlenews

We all know who the @realDonaldTrump is.

He's a greedy racist sexist lying bully.
A sociopath narcissist who is in mental decline.

Even kids know that.

Trump's words used by kids to bully classmates at school - The Washington Post via @GoogleNews

The Atlantic Outlines The Trump Campaign's Disinformation Tactics | Vels... via @YouTube

Trump did learn.

The wrong lesson.

Absurdly Trump's using all the Quid Pro Quo he can now.

It's a lawless extortion & bribery bonanza!

An abuse of power fire sale!
All crimes must go!
Sentences half off!

President Donald Trump’s Post-Impeachment Vendetta | Deadline | MSNBC via @YouTube

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