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Welcome! @Karoli

I'm a new fan! And, I share your hope for Warren. Vote lady leaders!

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More people kicked, off the bird.

More people coming here.

More complaining about twitter.

Social networking, back in your hands is sounding good, people like Mastodon, that's leverage against Jack.

Help me create a bigger list of people that are here!

@MrScottLads2 @Thunderbirds511

Mind-numbing obvious criminal intent.
Donnie pursued crimes against America even when warned by the former DOJ.

Holy crap.

Deadline White House 7/30/2021 [FULL 4PM] - MSNBC Breaking News Today Ju... via @YouTube

Don't be these people. #GetVaccinated

They Spurned the Vaccine. Now They Want You to Know They Regret It:

It's not an audit. An audit is a defined process that adheres to standards established either by a professional practice organization or by regulation. I'm glad, at least, that New York Magazine's Intelligencer added the word "circus."

This is a privately funded political exercise initiated by the Arizona Senate without meaningful oversight. There is an expression that describes it, the first part of which is cluster. Please employ a  phrase that includes the words partisan and cluster, but excludes audit.

The real story:

Trump’s political PAC raised about $75 million in the first half of this year, using his false claims that the election was stolen to motivate donors, but has given no money to finance the Arizona ballot review.

Trump uses his lie to make money from it. It's both a scam to cast doubt on future elections and a grift. #Fraudit

Why the Arizona Election-Audit Circus Just Won’t End:

Delta is a deadlier strain & more transmittable than Smallpox, the common cold, flu, Ebola.

Mask up, get Vax'd, or regret your bad decisions.

The vaccine will save your life, but you can still get & transmit Delta.

You're in deep trouble, many will regret it.

Paraphrasing the lovely Duo: @frangeladuo
on the @StephMillerShow 👍🌹🥂🏆

'Trump called the Capitol Police pussies, but he was too frightened to attend his own insurrection.'

'He promised to go with the attackers, but he bounced.'

WTF, Bone spurs?🤣

‘Way beyond the pale’: Legal experts call for Trump to be prosecuted after latest bombshell NY Times report

Holy crap, arrest him already.
How many crimes do we need?

I know that's not how it works, but Geez!
This is F'n Anti-American terrorist coup.

Within 18 months Donnie & enabling GQP are toast.

Projections estimate The USA to be #1 in new covid cases!


I bet Right-wing Anti-Vaccers are proud.
Not for long.

Only company mandates may save Covidiots.

How despicably low?

Still looking for the bottom, Donnie?

Trump: Jan. 6 Cops Who Spoke to Congress Are 'Pussies' - Daily Beast via @GoogleNews

A great watch.
History of vaccination & law.

MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show [9PM] 7/29/2021 | | MSNBC Breaking News Tod... via @YouTube

If the GQP uses your name as in a slight against GOP members, falsely blames the capitol police on you, & makes you the boogie-man, you're doing something right.

Go, Nancy.

A must-watch, Sports & C-19.

All in With Chris Hayes 7/29/2021 [FULL 8PM] - MSNBC Breaking News Today... via @YouTube

Neal Katyal: DOJ Decisions, Bad For Trump, Are ‘Pro Rule Of Law’ Decisions via @YouTube

How embarrassing GQP, lying & fraud again?

Good job Twitter.

Twitter Suspends Official Arizona Ballot Audit Account For Constantly Lying via @YouTube

Velshi still brings it.

The Rachel Maddow Show 7/27/2021 [FULL 9PM] - MSNBC Breaking News Today ... via @YouTube

Hey, Trump/GQP, this should give you night sweats.

Attempted blocking testimony may be stupid, fruitless, self-incriminating & worse, it may be pointless.

Huge amounts of evidence are available.

Defending lies will cost you.

Even @FoxNews is covering a both-sides version of today's hearing.

So, some truth is getting through.

It will be harder for Fox News & the GQP as this investigation goes forward.

The DOJ will not protect the Trump/GOP or the pathetic Right-wing media echo chamber.

Truth hurts

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