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my thoughts as a UI designer on a kick-ass mastodon reader:

- card-like interface (a la twitter highlights. one swipe per toot)
- tags (expanding the star system: think concept curation, like Pinterest boards)
- markdown! (bold. italics. headers. tables. lists. diagrams. yum!)
- Twitter and Facebook repost (top of social chain)
- native share (come on peeps, that's sine-qua-non for adoption)
- instance-agnostic, bring your own

Pero lo más curioso es que esa sensación de déjà vu se experimente también con las personas. Uno ve a la mayoría de los políticos del PP y piensa: “A este individuo, más joven que yo, lo conozco perfectamente, sé cómo es, lo he visto antes (...) Ve uno a Pablo Iglesias y a no pocos correligionarios suyos y lo asalta la misma sensación."


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Yes, nobody can be sure about who you are in Mastodon, the same way nobody can be sure madonna@gmail.com is really Madonna. It's just like email - multiple servers talking to each other.

If this doesn't work for you, maybe you should reconsider. You can't have true decentralization and ✅ verification at the same time without a few extra steps.

Apparently you can verify yourself via keybase.io, but then people need to join YET ANOTHER SERVICE in order to have their cake and maybe eat it too.

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