Love it or hate it, I just think the "maven, jenkins, artifactory, sonar" combo is tried and tested.

No need to manually provision volumes with Kubernetes dynamic provisioning and storage class

Convert Docker Compose .yml or .dab to Kubernetes resources

Just received this advice: "you don't have to win every fight".

:thumbsup: to the kubernetes sig-docs folks for the big improvement in the docs layout. It's easier to navigate, follow and find things.

Dear startups (cc investors), your users have no shortages of software to access, (dis-)integrate, organize and assimilate their data.

Fragmentation in their workflow is almost not due to technological reasons. So spend your $$ on something else.

And I quote: "Don't hate what you don't know"

TIL open source isn't just about being vendor-free. A very important aspect is the creation of standards & specs. Think HTTP, TLS, OCI etc.

It's these standards that make software composable, interoperable, predictable and consistent without being locked in.

Note that there are no ways to delete your mastodon account atm... well, too late now.. muahahaha

"Clear notification" is working for me again! :triumph:

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