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@IronMan Warren is dropping the gloves from the face-off. Have I mentioned how much I love her? I mean today.

Welcome to the Mastodon thread.

Be nice.

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Talk about what you like and what you don't.

Trump is intentionally making conditions horrible to discourage others from seeking refuge. It's inhumane.

These people have to fight for bare necessities that human beings with compassion wouldn't deny their worst enemies.

Please take pleas to vote in a united way in November and to pick the best Democrat possible seriously.

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In a move to protect its ski slopes and growing economy, Utah one of the reddest states in the nation has just created a long-term plan to address the .

... aims to reduce emissions over air quality

*Hope other 'RedStates' follow 🎯

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@Saltysister @AgentHill

Here is a nudge for those who may think their vote doesn't matter:

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I have not heard a single Democrat say "any blue will do." Everyone I know has a preference. means in November, we unite behind the nominee even they aren't our top choice because any Democrat is better than any Republican.

If it's Bloomberg, I will vote for him because every vote is for the better choice. He's still better than Trump. This piece has a lot of truth. Bloomberg does not share my values. We need to nominate one of the others.

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@AgentHill I am a Dem and I will vote blue no matter who! I am in this to rid our country of the cancer in the White House. I may have my favorite(s) but when it comes to November 3, vote goes to the Democratic nominee...Period. We have to save our country and we can't do that when we say crap like "I won't vote if my candidate doesn't win.". It's dangerously self-defeating.

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@NightOwlDreams @IronMan Many states have early voting or no-excuse absentee ballots too. If yours doesn't, it's a good thing to get on your state representative/delegate/(whatever your state calls them) and state senator about.

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@IronMan I’ve worked at the polls during minor elections before. If people are put off by long lines, please remind them that the least crowded times are from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Maybe they can take a day off work & vote in the afternoon, and bring a folding chair to sit on. I have problems with my legs if I stand too long. Sorry, I know you are busy.

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@IronMan I just read an Article on Reuter’s that a recent poll suggests more Democrats will be voting in 2020 than in 2016, especially in Midwestern cities. They said a record 2/3 of registered voters will vote in November. More Trump supporters will be voting, too, though. Please keep reminding people to vote.

259 days of unleashed Trump between now and election day, courtesy of the GOP.

We'll have an overabundance of additional reasons to vote blue all the way down the ballot.  

Every Republican who complained about Obama being the "imperial president" and is silent now - we're not forgetting you.

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Most participants in the climate debate, pretend to care, pretend to act, or both. If anything is to be done, this must change.

Every country in the world is failing to shield children’s health and their futures from intensifying ...

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@IronMan I know it’s not an original comparison, but it’s like the country learned nothing from the Gilded Age. Our national memory is too short and history education is seriously lacking.

Some reasons why I want the GOP out:

I am against creating a permanent political-economic class that stays rich because it is rich, not because it creates things. 

I am against the richest paying the lowest taxes. 

In the long run, the country will do best when it fosters and protects a middle class with enough extra income to save, invest in education, and purchase homes, while making sure that the least fortunate (by birth, bad luck whatever circumstances) don't die on the street.  

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Rest easy pinkskins.
Commander Shran has arrived. 😎

Today, 2/18, is the 🚨 last day 🚨 to register to vote in your upcoming Presidential Primaries. We need high turnout in the primaries to get the BEST candidate and and to create enthusiasm for the November elections.

Register if you haven't. Check it if you have.

CA can register after the deadline, but why wait? Do it now. Voting is cool.

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if we're going to encourage more people to leave the bird site, perhaps posting our best content HERE, on Mastodon& then tweeting a link to it over there is a better idea than posting links here that lead BACK to the bird. Just a thought.

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Retropolis is one of my favorite columns in the Washington Post. This piece about George Washington gives perspective to how everyone loved candidate Obama but many disliked President Obama for not being able to accomplish everything, and is a caution to how we should treat our current candidates. They will have to contend with a possible opposition Senate and many things out of their control.

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Clickbait-driven social media is doing no favors to traditional news sources, which are often the only thing that breaks important news where it happens. If Charlotte loses the Observer there will still be other good local news, but it’s still important that this Pulitzer-winning paper survives.

We desperately need reliable journalism at a time when it’s in greater danger than ever. Supporting local media is and has always been important. Subscribe. Buy a paper.

I hope everyone on birdsite got a chance to see Susan Pompeo today.

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