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@IronMan @TKAJanuary @Thunderbirds511 @GlennGriffin8 agreed Tony. Why should I want to vote for a candidate who engages in name calling before I have a chance to vote? Heck, I think Sanders has some good ideas but M4A or Green New Deal will be implemented in the first year, let alone 100 days. It's going to take a lot of compromising to get started on those plans but unfortunately, today's younger voters haven't seen that in their lifetimes. We've got to stop governing with a hammer and nail.

Me, neither, Lily.

I've been on the county Dem committee in various capacities and serve as a GOTV manager for a local Democrat. People of every shade of blue that I know consider themselves "Democrats."

I'd like to get behind a President who wants to be the President of everyone, not drive me away.

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@IronMan @TKAJanuary @Thunderbirds511 @GlennGriffin8 I've been called a Yellow Dog Democrat and a bleeding heart liberal but I've never heard of the term Centrist or Establishment Democrat before 2016. We're supposed to be working towards a common goal of saving democracy, not dividing our party. Also, Ruffalo is getting roasted in that thread, last I checked.

"Our Revolution" fielded a bunch of candidates in Republican-held districts in 2018. Not a single one of them won.

Concerns about what a Sanders candidacy might due to down-ballot elections are valid.

A very high percentage of others' candidates who, when surveyed, say they will , except for Sanders supporters, which is about half.

That second part is dangerous.
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So will I.

Unfortunately they have most observedly not backed us up for decades nor do I see this us vs. them tactic helpful.

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Swalwell: It's Important To 'Name & Shame' Russia After New Meddling Cla... via @YouTube

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According to The Hill, Roger Stone is trying to disqualify Judge Amy Berman Jackson, the judge who sentenced him. His lawyers are trying to get a new trial - they are using Trump’s claim that one juror was biased. Can you believe this blatant corruption?

Trump's claim that Bolton can publish his book when he leaves the White House doesn't support his claim that Bolton's conversations and contacts with him rise to the level of being classified.

Put even more clearly: if the material becomes fit to publish once Trump leaves office, by definition it's not classified. Classifications survive presidential turnover. It's obvious, therefore, that the restriction until Trump leaves office is purely political.

I believe we will prevail if those of us on the right side of things do our duties.

The GOP needs to rebuild itself if it wants to be a viable party down the road.

Incredibly, Loeffler doesn't pass Collins' purity test. He thinks she's not conservative enough.

The main part of the Republican party is extremist now.

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That's a great resource. Thank you.

I use it to track things like local election law in the states. Lots of good things on it.

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@IronMan There is a good resource for tracking the consistent circumvention of Senate confirmation - as well as the attrition of administration officials, where they came from and where they went after - I haven't looked at it in awhile, but it is regularly updated and worth a bookmark:

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Dear people who are voting in Democratic primaries for the first time,

The Democratic Party has had liberals in it for a long time, so showing up and immediately demanding that non-moderates drop out is like moving into a house where people already live and trying to replace all the furniture and decor on the first day. Try getting to know us a little bit and compromising. Maybe we can pair your armchair with our couch, and we could go in together on a rug and a coffee table.

First, we have to continue to agree to support the eventual Democratic nominee and work with others to elect the next Democratic President.

The key concept here is that Mick Mulvaney admits that the GOP actively sabotages the economy when Democrats are in power to make themselves look better.

Tell your friends and fellow voters the truth about the Republican economy. Sharing information with people off social media is key to making change.

All Americans should be terrified at Trump's efforts to purge our government of any employees who have a whiff of integrity and replace them with loyalists, experience not required.

Trump is deliberately avoiding Senate confirmation by filling the administration with "acting" officials. These are dangerous times that will only get worse if we don't act accordingly in working to remove Republicans from office.

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@IronMan Hmm, I’m guessing the people who pitch hissy fits all night and day about Democrats appealing to Democrats during primary season don’t do the same thing to Republicans appealing to Republicans.

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