Trump's claim that Bolton can publish his book when he leaves the White House doesn't support his claim that Bolton's conversations and contacts with him rise to the level of being classified.

Put even more clearly: if the material becomes fit to publish once Trump leaves office, by definition it's not classified. Classifications survive presidential turnover. It's obvious, therefore, that the restriction until Trump leaves office is purely political.

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Today, 2/18, is the 🚨 last day 🚨 to register to vote in your upcoming Presidential Primaries. We need high turnout in the primaries to get the BEST candidate and and to create enthusiasm for the November elections.

Register if you haven't. Check it if you have.

CA can register after the deadline, but why wait? Do it now. Voting is cool.

I hope everyone on birdsite got a chance to see Susan Pompeo today.

Do you need to vote absentee in the Presidential primary?

Deadline to register for an absentee ballot: 2/25

Last day to vote in person: 2/28

Deadline to return absentee mail ballots: 2/29 at 7PM

Info at:

If you're going to vote in a Democratic primary for a person who dropped out, that's certainly your right, but you're also removing your own ability to have any say on who the eventual nominee is.

Since any Democrat is better than Trump, I'd want to pick one in the race.

Upcoming registration deadlines for the Democratic Presidential primary elections:

February 12th: Massachusetts 🚨

February 14th: Idaho*

February 17th: Alabama

February 18th: California, Florida, Ohio

Register to vote, help freinds to register, and check your registration.

*can register in person on Election Day

Resisters, some

We need to pace ourselves and remember we are in this together for the long haul. 

While the events of the last week were not what we wanted, this bottomless well of corruption and grift the Trump administration is moves the odds in our favor.

The truth will come out. Their situation is not sustainable, which we will keep pointing out. Keep asking, "what happens when an unstoppable force keeps assembling?" We are the unstoppable force. 

As long as the media continues portraying Democrats as disorganized, incompetent, bickering, and complaining...and we allow or contribute to it...Trump and the Republicans are winning. 

If a certain candidate is yours, vote for them in the primary with gusto. That's what it's for. Vet them, talk about them. Nobody wants an electorate picking a candidate uninformed.

But we need a candidate who can build a coalition, not destroy it.

Supportes of candidates booing other candidates at a Democratic debate usually leads to good outcomes.

Trump Fires Gordon Sondland Hours After Dismissing Impeachment Witness Alexander Vindman

David Bernhardt was confirmed to Trump's cabinet on April 11 and is now facing ethics investigations as of April 15. A person dressed up like a swamp monster behind him because of his conflicts. Every Republican Senator voted to confirm him.

The House Intel and Financial Services Committees have issued subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and numerous other banks, seeking info about Trump's finances and the lenders' business dealings with Russians, people with knowledge of the investigation tell NYT.

Mueller did not exonerate Trump. William Barr explicitly stated that in his letter. Anyone who's claiming otherwise is lying, as Savannah Guthrie calmly stated this morning.

There's only 1 way for us to be able to assess the truth.

So, the is now the and Barr thinks he can decide by himself whether what is in it requires indictments, even though Trump picked Barr knowing he believed one cannot indict a sitting President.

So Trump is going to declare a National Emergency over making Ann Coulter and a few right-wingers happy?

33 000 gun deaths happened in 2017. 47,000 people died from opioid overdoses. Time is running out to avert climate catastrophe. Millions of people lost healthcare coverage since he's occupied the office.

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