All Americans should be terrified at Trump's efforts to purge our government of any employees who have a whiff of integrity and replace them with loyalists, experience not required.

Trump is deliberately avoiding Senate confirmation by filling the administration with "acting" officials. These are dangerous times that will only get worse if we don't act accordingly in working to remove Republicans from office.

@IronMan He wants to avoid any chance of accountability or anyone questioning him on anything. Especially about Russian assistance for him. His moves are so transparent, but nobody can do anything. Its very frustrating. November 3rd can't come soon enough.

@TheBatman_2020 @IronMan ‪There is a petition on to Revoke Rush Limbaugh’s Medal of Freedom. Please sign it.‬

@IronMan There is a good resource for tracking the consistent circumvention of Senate confirmation - as well as the attrition of administration officials, where they came from and where they went after - I haven't looked at it in awhile, but it is regularly updated and worth a bookmark:

That's a great resource. Thank you.

I use it to track things like local election law in the states. Lots of good things on it.

@IronMan ‪There is a petition on to Revoke Rush Limbaugh’s Medal of Freedom. Please sign it.‬

@IronMan it's "funny " Trump wanted to nominate Doug Collins as DNI and Collins said no. Is he avoiding a Senate confirmation hearing? Why does he want to run against Kelly Loeffler when it's tearing the Georgia GOP apart?

Incredibly, Loeffler doesn't pass Collins' purity test. He thinks she's not conservative enough.

The main part of the Republican party is extremist now.

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