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Here's some facts about while this debate is going.

I think Elizabeth Warren's transition plan is the best and most practical.

Medicare for all who want it is similar to Obamacare without the individual mandate.
It won't work.

Medicare For All would save $450 billion annually while preventing 68,000 deaths, new study shows newsweek.com/medicare-all-woul

@IronMan Bernie is not in my top three choices of people on the stage, but he's not a communist. Putting in the mind of Americans that any Democratic candidates are communists is a great way to not turn out our voters. Don't do that.

@AgentHill @IronMan Although what you both point out here is absolutely correct, you just KNOW that during the general, anyone who even thinks of espousing "Democratic Socialism" is going to painted as a communist, true or not. There will be yet another whole voter category that will be instilled with fear (those who hid under their desks in school during he "air raid" drills). Although we may KNOW it's not the same thing, a wide swath of Americans just buy the propaganda.

No matter who the nominee is, they will be painted by the opposition as some scary thing or another. Socialist is 2020's emails right now. Like Hunter was for Biden just a couple of weeks ago. If another frontrunner emerges, they'll dig up some other lie.

I'm not letting it stop me. Nor should anyone.

@IronMan @AgentHill Oh hell no! It won't stop me - I don't give up or scare that easily - I have older brothers. Many. Older. Brothers. You gotta be tough or they walk all over you (literally). I'm just pointing out something that not a lot of people may be expecting.

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