@Thunderbirds511 @IronMan Thanks. Figured i'd finally give it a shot. Trying to learn to navigate the site. it's a little different than the bird site so it may take me a while.

It's and adjustment. Some features are lacking.

But, it's a good backup if Twitter goes to total hell and good people are here.

@IronMan @TheBatman_2020 @Thunderbirds511
I had two videos in my YouTube feed about Mastodon.cloud yesterday. They say it could become a better SM source than Twitski, oops, bird site. This is an open source platform. Twitter is not. I will add a few links tomorrow. Night all.

@HawKEye_2020 @IronMan thanks Clint! Glad to be here. Still figuring it all out but so far so good.


Glad to hear it if I can be any help don't hesitate to ask! 🎯


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