I have not heard a single Democrat say "any blue will do." Everyone I know has a preference. means in November, we unite behind the nominee even they aren't our top choice because any Democrat is better than any Republican.

If it's Bloomberg, I will vote for him because every vote is for the better choice. He's still better than Trump. This piece has a lot of truth. Bloomberg does not share my values. We need to nominate one of the others. prospect.org/politics/michael-

Here's another take on the same there. Bloomberg is not the answer to what Trumpism is doing to the country. He doesn't care about the things that Democrats care about.

No one without ambition and ego runs for president. (Maybe not since George Washington, if you read the Retropolis article yesterday). But Bloomberg is in it all for Bloomberg.

He wouldn't be as bad as Trump. But we're Democrats. We can do better. We have better choices running now. slate.com/news-and-politics/20

I'm glad he will be in the debate tonight and have to face questions.

I hope the moderators ask good ones so people watching can get a sense of what they don't know about him.

We have much better choices available, no matter what part of the Democratic party you perceive yourself a part of.

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