Resisters, some

We need to pace ourselves and remember we are in this together for the long haul. 

While the events of the last week were not what we wanted, this bottomless well of corruption and grift the Trump administration is moves the odds in our favor.

The truth will come out. Their situation is not sustainable, which we will keep pointing out. Keep asking, "what happens when an unstoppable force keeps assembling?" We are the unstoppable force. 

@IronMan Please remember to use a # on that tag so those of us who want to filter all the noise about this out can do so without losing toots about electrical circuitry.

When one who is knowledgeable speaks of electrical resistors, one spells it with an "o" and not an "e."

That should have been simpler for you if that is indeed your concern.

@IronMan Hell yeah. We can look at every successful protest and resistance movement in history and see that it’s possible.

@natashar @IronMan 💙You’re welcome Nat! I’ll go through my stash and share more with you.

@natashar @IronMan Remember what Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

@IronMan A great point. The last week was a gut check. The 'acquittal', though expected, was a blow. The horrendous SOTU. The Iowa debacle. Like when I woke up on 11/9/2016. My birthday. A hopeless disbelief. But we will be stronger for it. They become more vile, more see them for who they are. We know what to do. Focus, right on. Everyone United, get out the vote. Overcome the madness.

@BizarroSuperman @IronMan that's beautiful. Thanks a lot. Yeah! I like that. We will be stronger for it. Focus, right on. 👍

I spent your birthday in bed under a blanket, funnily enough. Not for any of the good reasons.

Thanks, and I'm hoping that by this 11/9, we'll be planning the transition of the new Democratic President.

Well, doing more than hoping.

@IronMan I did too. Ditto no good reason. Hope is wonderful We need the light for clear eyed focus, grinding ahead, to win. My hope is all the candidates devote themselves wholeheartedly behind the candidate and for Senate candidates. Unity or catastrophe.

@IronMan This platform is new and I'm fumbling around. Twitter's limit on characters was good discipline for a motor mouth like my fingers are. I don't have much to say and use too many words to say it. Work in progress.

I'm too wordy.

I've had to edit down from 500. 😂

You do need your old pic, though!

@IronMan This is form that Tin Tin posted on the bird site. It is to lodge a complaint against William Barr with the DC Bar Association

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