As long as the media continues portraying Democrats as disorganized, incompetent, bickering, and complaining...and we allow or contribute to it...Trump and the Republicans are winning. 

If a certain candidate is yours, vote for them in the primary with gusto. That's what it's for. Vet them, talk about them. Nobody wants an electorate picking a candidate uninformed.

But we need a candidate who can build a coalition, not destroy it.

There will be no destroying Trump at the polls if we destroy ourselves first.

Bullying people to support your candidate won’t work. Some people’s supporters can’t seem to learn that.

@HopeVanDyne @IronMan
Seems to me that the bullying within the left is rampant.
It's as if the left of Twitter doesn't see itself in all its glorious mania.
I really wish now I had not followed anyone having/saying anything to do with politics.
We can be so ugly to one another. It's very disheartening, and does nothing to further my views of humanity as whole in a position light.
I'll go to my grave being ashamed of being human. "Speciesist" as that may be lol

@IronMan It’s so hard to see people showing how little they’ve learned since 2016. It isn’t too late for them to learn, but we’re running out of time.

I'm highly disturbed by groups saying they'll stay home if their particular candidate doesn't win the primary.

They're trying to scare people into voting for them, not legitimately earning the vote.

It's no way to win an election that will rely on high voter turnout. Plus, it feels like blackmail.

@IronMan I agree. To scare someone into voting a certain way is to deny them freedom of choice. One can physically bar people from casting votes and it’s obvious voter suppression. If one manipulates people emotionally, that’s not really better. I cordially invite them to GTFO of our social media feeds.

Suddenly I can’t post images.

@TrinityTheCat @IronMan I don’t know if it helps, but I upload them from my phone. Also, there’s some kind of problem uploading images right now and it seems to be on the server side of things.

@1Spider_Man @IronMan I had one all picked out and then Mastodon wouldn’t post images. :p I wanted to let the discord-spreaders that I’d like to show them the door.

@natashar @IronMan

I've been seeing a lot of negativity about all the Dem candidates from the blue side. Seems like that could hurt our chances.

It will most definitely do that.

Vetting is cool. Bullying and false information, not so much.

@IronMan good morning Tony. The divisive behavior that is being exhibited and encouraged by certain candidates and their supporters is wearing my patience thin. (I very clearly told a text banker for one candidate that the divisive behavior was a reason that Cand. was near the bottom of my list). You’re right. We Have to get behind the Candidate who is willing to do the work to Earn People’s Votes. I’m only seeing one right now who is doing it. Good to hear your voice again.

Thank you.

Good to see you as well.

It's a welcome relief to see people migrate over.

@Scott_Lang_2020 @IronMan @NatalieRushman
Scott! so good to see you made it here!
:blobthinkingfast: Or were you here all along& we just couldn't see you?

We MUST all the way down the ticket! We can’t afford to fight amongst each other.

This is a MUST win situation for the Senate, White House and retain the House!


@IronMan please tell heroes I am locked out of twitter and it’s ok I am excited to be here on mastodon ❤️

@IronMan On November 4, 2020 after Trump is defeated, you guys deserve to go out together for some shawarma. You’ve been fighting hard.

I've had that as a hashtag in my bio for almost 3 years.

Don't worry, we will.

And everyone is invited.

@IronMan Perez needs to not dignify this kind of reporting by speaking seriously and respectfully. He needs to take from the playbook of the other side and call it what it is...FAILED their face. Then move on to next question. I hardly think they won’t call him back for another interview.

I agree.

The portrayal of this pales in comparison to what is happening in and to our country.

The GOP is stealing from under us and reporters want to run with Dems in disarray.

You'd think they had something to gain....

@IronMan I didn't put the Chuck Todd thing here because we were tooting at the same time. It wasn't very nice though.

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