Impeaching Trump was necessary.  And unfortunately, since the GOP Senate is complicit, nothing can be done to stop these things, either.

Trump's daily to-do list: What steps can I take today to ruin America? In this regard, he's been very successful.

Our daily to-do list: Let's talk up our great Democratic candidates, sign up with campaigns, write, call, and talk to people we know. We have to unite, work, and


There were some varying opinions in the debates last night and the coverage after, but I think Andrew Gillum made some great points on the MSNBC after show.

Voter suppression and voting rights are more important than anything. We all must vote for the Democrats across the country in massive numbers and volunteer to help get the vote out in underserved communities.

If not, nothing will be done about climate change or health care or income inequality or anything else.

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