The impeached POTUS can send out a fake video on birdsite and it stays up.

Some of my friends and I sent out accurate information about Russian propaganda and disinformation and Jack Dorsey's company banned us. Go figure.

Neither Facebook nor birdsite have the interests of the people of the United States in mind.

He's sick. People that find delight in this are sick.

I liked the debate. Thought was pretty much on the right level. Your thoughts?

Agreed. It was the best so far in my opinion.

Fewer distractions and a lot of well-made points.

Chris hayse is in a town hall after debate. Interesting.

@IronMan I think it is terrible that you got banned. I miss your tweets on twitter but i am glad to be able to be in contact with you and some of the others that were banned as well.

Thanks, TBird.

I hope to be back and I appreciate everything you're doing to help.

It means a lot. It's good to know who your friends are in tough times. Thank you for everything. Glad you are here.

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