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wao, instance respond 502 error... It's hard to fix in night... admin should sleep. you can.

Today, I forgot my mac book in my home... so I use iPad Pro to develop. This is not so bad.

Cherry blossoms start to fall. it' beautiful.

hmm. it seems that the most major instance is not opened now? hmm. I wait for it opened.

thanks for some fav and boost! it's more exciting than twitter.

in server side, I code by Hack. in front, I use PHP and JS... it's not beautiful and easy to read...

Recently I try to use Hack on HHVM... it little confuse me. How should i use JS on Hack...?

You just visit Twitter when my Japanese! It's same ID!

Why I use English? because I use Japanese in Twitter.

I know my English has many wrongs... but you can understand, right? :-)

it is just like bubble that many many Japanese come to here. when they bored, here become more useful, i beleve.

... ... "beleve' is right spell?

English is really useful in some cases. Japanese words come with extra meanings...

oh, there are some typos...!! it's because iPad Pro and smart keyboard... I use jp keyboard usually..

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