It's really really excited!! There are many high quality musics!

All iTunes Music members can listen to the sound tracks of Ark the lad 1 and 2!

Ark the lad is coming to smartphone.. I'm looking forward to it!

Hey, do you enjoy this service, mastodon?

In Japan, many business man left them ccomputer on a desk in cafe without lock and go to a restroom.... It's too dangerous and silly.

If I was a bad guy, I could crack that computer and steal all data or delete them.

Do you sometimes want to talk the person sitting next to you on cafe or somewhere?

A few days ago, I talked with a Koresan on chat. He said he want to work at Japan because Japanese workers can finish work at 18:00.

I said it's not true and i tell him about Japanese workers enviroment... He seemed so so supurised...

@buttered_neko I'm Japanese. (Is this the answer what you want?)

Yes, my English is a bit dramaful because it is inspired by some movies.

I use Google translate when I can't find a good expression in English. don't you?

Did not you learn twitter by forcing strange local rules or posting a distorted post that you tried to stand out?

Some Japanese are acting as if they were an old twitter...

@booc0mtaco I`ve never tried python and flask for a web site... it's interesting, but I want to try Hack on HHVM...!

In Twitter, I should say "I'm soooorry for my many posts." It"s not cool.

I like mastodon because I don't need to care about someone who don't like to get many posts. in mastodon, there are many posts normaly.

i know, no service go on forever without human's big effort. you know too, right?

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