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Climate change, uspol (-) 

Intercepted Podcast: American Mythology, Part Seven: Climate Carnage

@aral I was proud to work at Facebook the first couple of years I was there. I was never proud to work at Google, and I stopped being able to stomach it about the time my organization started working on a way to get around Safari's anti-tracking & ad blocking.

Jack: We must save democracy!

Me: So you’re ready to admit that your company’s business model – not to mention your very own status as a billionaire – is toxic to human rights and democracy?

Jack: Two taps to retweet instead of one to save democracy!


Sara Gideon (Maine) –

Gary Peters (Michigan) incumbent –

Mike Espy (Mississippi) –

Steve Bullock (Montana) –

Cal Cunningham (North Carolina) –

Jaime Harrison (South Carolina) –

MJ Heger (Texas) –

Dr. Al Gross (Alaska) -

:voteblue: #FlipTheSenate

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Here's a list of candidates that you can help with any contribution (financial or time) you can make.

Doug Jones (Alabama) incumbent –

Mark Kelly (Arizona) –

John Hickenlooper (Colorado) –

Raphael Warnock (Georgia) –

Jon Ossoff (Georgia) –

Theresa Greenfield (Iowa) –

Dr. Barbara Bollier (Kansas) –

#FlipTheSenate 3/5

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uspol question 

Are Republicans self-sabotaging their election campaign?

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