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@requiem it's more of a political process than a pre-defined legal process, so what will happen is anyone's guess @cstanhope @yaaps


@requiem @cstanhope @yaaps
TI wrote an article on this in August.
The current stage is asking whether it is possible to
"force corporate and Republican elites to break with Trump. Doing so will require pushing them to answer a simple question: Is the price of keeping Trump in power greater than the price of allowing Biden to take over as president? Truth be told, Biden should not scare the elite. "

uspol poll - 

@peter Always a bit short on characters when doing polls. I want to have a non-partisan poll, so people can make what they want of the word "win".

He's always been firing people who he doesn't consider loyal enough. Remember James Comey? There are plenty of others as well. I don't see anything new or very unexpected.

Fluffy visitor today as I recover from the bike accident I had over the weekend:

US politics (not election-related) 

@alexbuzzbee In my view it was always a strange idea. I guess mining materials and building military bases is a constant need for the US Government.

US politics (not election-related) 

@alexbuzzbee This all makes absolute total perfect the mind of Donald Trump!

US politics (not election-related) 

@alexbuzzbee I think it is mostly for military reasons

"When the European version of the USA Today website removed ads and tracking scripts to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the size of its website decreased from 5000 to 500 kilobytes with no significant changes to the appearance of the site. This means that the updated, ad-free version of the website produced roughly 10 times less CO₂ on each load than the original."

@artilectzed Not treason yet in the legal sense, but certainly behaving against the interests of the USA and further damaging it's international image.

This is why we need to make sure that we pick up the seats in #Georgia run-off elections. 

If you are in Georgia, spread the word, vote, and get others to vote. For the rest of us, sign up with the Ossoff and Warnock campaigns, donate if you can, and join Stacey Abrams' fair fight if you haven't.

Biden presses to expand health insurance on uncertain congressional terrain:

@NatashaRomanoff @TonyStark It's the juxtaposition of a serious BBC news anchor trying to accurately explain the news, while at the same time talking about a totally insane situation, which makes this comedy gold

@TonyStark a Michigan court recently ruled Trump's lawsuit to be defective in multiple areas, including but not limited to the lawsuit providing ZERO evidence!

Famous neolib newspaper ""keeping it real" 

@rochelimit @MatejLach I saw a programme recently about child labour in Dhaka. It is horrible working conditions for the children but when it gets banned the families no longer have enough money to eat and the children have to resort to begging and stealing to survive.

UNICEF does good work for the children there, gives them free meals and time to play with each other.

To anyone struggling with CW use... let me help.

I promise if you CW posts, you really do get more engagement out here in the fediverse.

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true. You too can respect the agency of others, AND expand your reach... all at the same time.

Go ahead, try it for a week.


@chris This interview with Romney makes a good point: some ballots were for both Biden for President and a GOP Senator. If one is thrown out what about the other?

uspol, reaction to Biden victory 

Take a read through the comments: so many people can relate to the emotional reaction of Van Jones

CNN host goes viral breaking down on air over Biden’s victory

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