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#faketoshi slipping up here like he always does:

"I remember reading about it"

Is not what you say when you wrote it....

Because he didn't

A reminder that accessibility is not always a permanent thing. #a11y

@thegibson what if we had, like, a World Wide Web, but NOT all running on one computer in Jeff Bezos' basement

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@kennetmattfolk Reuters is a good news source because they sell their news to various newspapers. The newspapers tend to add their biases on top of the news they buy from them.

@kennetmattfolk I think almost everyone in America and Britain thinks Iran is lying, but that's what people thought about Iraq when Saddam Hussein said he didn't have any WMD. Everyone assumed he was lying.

@kennetmattfolk It is most difficult when the languages are different. Take for example this gulf crisis, Iran is denying any responsibility, but I cannot read any Iranian languages so I tend to trust the British/American news sources. It's a bigger barrier to getting all sides of the story.

@hacksilon Did people complain that he was on the list of speakers?

@kennetmattfolk I think Finnish people are better at thinking critically than in most other countries.

@kennetmattfolk I try to always think critically but sometimes I still can be influenced by biased articles without being aware of the bias until later. I don't know anyone who is totally objective.

, and is out there. However, i'm sceptical about how well both industry self regulating and governmen regulation can be. Ppl spreading this stuff will always adapt and find a way. Ppl who want to listen to this stuff will.

Personally I think educating ppl to think critically about news will be more effective.


@jwildeboer The New York Post liked I Am Mother, concluding that while the film "does show its cards a touch too early, it never ceases to be intriguing and tense", and predicting that Sputore and Rugaard would become stars

Cat allergies in people are triggered by an overreaction of a super sensitive immune system to a protein (allergen) in cats called FEL d1. Scientists have isolated seven cat allergens that contribute to an allergy, but the FEL d1 protein is the most common reason why people are allergic to felines

@Christian He will always remember the day he went for a covfefe with the prince of whales

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