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a years old proof-of-concept I want to get back to: rendering your arbitrary software object onto a 3D surface for VR arcades / virtual art installation pieces.

Really enjoying listening to backlog of episodes of @librelounge.

e.g. a discussion on human rights and how they relate to free software / free culture.

For me the intersection of ethics, politics and libre stuff is very important. Looking back I think I got into it for the fun of it but the philosophy always attracted me. I want to know if and how we can mobilise it as part of a transition to an egalitarian future, and what I can do to be a part of that.

What is your favourite JavaScript framework?

IT marketers, please stop using "magic" when promoting solutions. It makes me stomach uneasy and I start to question the whole thing.

Automatically = Good
Automagically = 🤦‍♂️
By magic = 🤦‍♂️

Next step for #Fedilab? #poll

Hello everyone. I'm currently looking for an IT job 💻 in Hong Kong or remotely. I'm a hard working, and willing to do whatever it takes. 😎 I run this site. Please contact me via my website in the link below. #webdev #syadmin #it #jobseeker

Punch cards and India ink.

French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet was the first to accurately visualize a black hole. In 1978, he used punch cards to write a computer program calculating the appearance and then reproduced the image by hand using India ink on Canson negative paper

XKCD compares our solar system to the photographed black hole M87:

Voyager 1, which is several Pluto orbits away from the Sun, is still just at the edge at whatever the edge of the dark area in the black hole image represents.…

Legendary computer scientist Katie Bouman with the hard drives containing the source code of her first “Hello World” React app.

Thank you, #Microsoft, for sharing how many #Google services are looming in the #Chrome/#Chromium browser. I hope all projects that use Chromium take note and also start removing these. (slide was presented at BlinkOn conference)

"Microsoft releases browser based on technology written by Google, based on technology written by Apple, based on technology written by KDE"

@strypey Another strange thing is Trump's popularity went DOWN after Barr's memo about the Mueller report. I reckon it might have gone up if the memo alleged he was guilty.

@andrioid I never found it to be an awkward switch but the uBlock origin add-on makes browsing many sites a lot quicker

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