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uspol, Trump and covid19 

"[Trump] was irate with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, officials said, screaming and swearing at one ally about how things were so unfair."

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Cycle of adaptive change 

There for a theory that says if you want to make fundamental change you need to let the system break down.

Image from the talk
Complexity strategies for change by Noah Raford (MIT)

73% of Republicans in Louisiana either agreed that President Obama was responsible for the botched response to Hurricane Katrina or said they were not sure.

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Trump vs Reality 

Image by BryanDawsonUSA on birdsite

Trump's Mishandling 

Ouch! What a zinger:

"Cheerleaders are just supposed to look good and spell words right and you can't do either!"

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When Trump implemented restrictions on flights coming in from China

What's considered trashy when you're poor and classy when you're rich? 

Taking money from the Government

I'm tired of all the tribalism and the factionalism.

I'm tired of all the defeatism and nihilism.

We have more in common than what is driving us apart.

Let's go back to having hope for the future.

Let's remove Trump and create a better world.

We can do this.

Universal healthcare 

This is a map of universal healthcare around the world.

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