Account update 

Some of you may have noticed I moved to recently.

After wishing followers a happy 4th of July I received an email "Any form of nationalism is not allowed on this server. Please don't do this again or else we have to suspend your account."

At this point I realized is a left wing extremist platform and I have since move that account over to @dumptrump@liberdon

Follow me there for political stuff. I will keep this account open for tech/general stuff.

And happy 4th of July

uspol - Space Force 

Klingon invasions: zero

covid-19 invasions: 4,606,354 confirmed

USA Covid19 update 

5/12, 11:59 pm ET (Day 73)

🔹83,425 deaths*
🔹1,408,635 cases*
🔹Case Fatality Rate (CFR) 5.9%
🔹78% discharged / 22% deaths
🔹US Vietnam & Korean War deaths: 91,906

"It will be over in April"
*Confirmed: Likely underreported due to lack of testing


Trump says “We have met the moment, and we have prevailed.”

Remind you of anyone?

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