The presidential election 4 years ago tilted in Trump's favor by just 80,000 votes across MI, PA, and WI.

Biden's lead currently stands at more than 200,000, with votes still outstanding, in those same three states. Biden is ahead by at least 12,000 votes in both GA and AZ.

Biden has cleared 270 electoral votes and is currently leading Trump by nearly 5 million votes nationally. #TrumpConcede

A road to defeat for Trump: How the 2020 election is different from 2016 -


@TonyStark When is the vote counting expected to be 💯 finished?

NC can count mail received though 11/12 so a little while still.

@TonyStark @InternetKevin Cal Cunningham conceded to Thom Tillis yesterday. I have a lot of choice words for Cal, but I don't think I'll share them here. Let's just say I hope he never runs for US Senate again, because he's done enough damage.

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