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@InternetKevin I'd need an option 3 as "win" makes it sound like it would be legitimate. Like Sarah Kendzior said, he hasn't been trying to win the election, he's been trying to steal it. His sacking of the defence secretary especially is giving very bad "start of an attempted coup" vibes... Hope I'll be wrong though.

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@peter Always a bit short on characters when doing polls. I want to have a non-partisan poll, so people can make what they want of the word "win".

He's always been firing people who he doesn't consider loyal enough. Remember James Comey? There are plenty of others as well. I don't see anything new or very unexpected.

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@InternetKevin I mean specifically because his defence secretary had resisted Trump deploying active-service troops on US streets.

From what I understand, I don't think the legal route is going to work (even though he has Barr loyal to him). But I think he will also attempt physical force if he can.

He already has his base fired up and armed up and he won't hesistate to utilise them too.


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@peter I don't think that would work well for him either

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@InternetKevin Yeah 🤞 I found this article which discusses it and it's reassuring about military intervention.

"He is commander in chief of the armed forces, but he cannot declare martial law, delay the election, and expect the troops to go along. The men and women he likes to call “my generals” would not obey."

“I am not sure when he looks behind him that he’s going to see the massive army that he thinks that he leads”

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