My cat goes mad for Marmite and peanut butter.

Is this a normal thing for cats, or do I own a freak?

@InternetKevin I don’t own a cat so no idea but I go mad for marmite and peanut butter and I think I’m normal? So... yeah

@InternetKevin Liking peanut butter is unsurprising, but marmite... I'm not even sure it's normal for humans! 😝

@InternetKevin @FiXato If I could sniff Marmite from that distance, I wouldn't be able to visit Australia nor New Zealand any longer 😂

@InternetKevin @FiXato Wait, do you mean the British Marmite or the New Zealand Marmite?

"The New Zealand version has high levels of potassium, for example. New Zealand Marmite is described as having a 'weaker' or 'less tangy' flavour than the British version."

@InternetKevin My cats have never expressed such an interest. Perhaps it's good to have a freak.

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