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Here's my prediction:

Joe Biden wins both the popular vote and the electoral college.

Donald Trump announces the election was rigged by voter fraud and that the real winner is himself. Despite no proof, tens of millions of Americans believe this without any doubt.

Trump refuses Biden and his team entry into the White House.

Then what?

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I'm tired of all the tribalism and the factionalism.

I'm tired of all the defeatism and nihilism.

We have more in common than what is driving us apart.

Let's go back to having hope for the future.

Let's remove Trump and create a better world.

We can do this.

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It is time to and tell all your friends to join the Fediverse

Twitter Removes Privacy Option, and Shows Why We Need Strong Privacy Laws

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Everything is still the same...

But everything is different now...

Has anyone bumped in to any concrete numbers over the environment impact of our usage of suboptimal software, eg js+web tech instead of native desktop apps, the power usage of crypto currencies, the cost of constantly brute forcing problems instead of elegant solutions?

Any data is much appreciated - it trying to write something intelligent about this.

D.A. Is Investigating Trump and His Company Over Fraud, Filing Suggests written by William K. Rashbaum and Benjamin Weiser in New York on #NYTimes #news #popular #rss

Reminder: elections aren’t marriages, they’re mass transit. You take the bus that’s heading in the direction you want to go even if it doesn’t get you all the way there.

A monumental work of art called the Desert Breath, it's so immense that you can even see it from space. After three years of construction, it opened in 1997 and now sits on a 100,000 m2 area on the Egyptian Sahara.

@mermaidchaser Psychology Today has an interesting blog about this issue. Evidently shaming doesn't really work. The anti-mask people have many motivations, but one of the main ones is abject fear of the virus. To wear a mask puts them too close to that repressed fear.

Say his name.

🇺🇸 Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman.


"I made the difficult decision to retire because a campaign of bullying, intimidation and retaliation by President Trump and his allies forever limited the progression of my military career...

At no point in my career or life have I felt our nation’s values under greater threat and in more peril than at this moment."

re: Climate change 

Good morning #Resisters here's a little Sunday thought to go along with your coffee or tea. Stay safe and well.

I got a set of postcards and a poster from the Centre for Computing History. They’re doing awesome work and are hit hard by the pandemic. Please, if you can, help secure the preservation of computing history.

#invidious the instance closes down, long live invidious the software!

The lead developer is stepping down, but the project lives on. If you don't host your own, other public instances are listed at .

> Starting September 1st, I'm shutting down the user-facing portion of and stepping away from development. [ . . . ]‌

> [ . . . ]‌ If you're a patron on Liberapay, I would urge you to switch your donation to iv-org, as that will ensure it goes to the stewards of the project going forward.…

Climate change 

"I will not, vote for Donald Trump, in 2020, and I implore you, PLEASE do not give this man a chance to finish destroying, in his words, this once great country.

I believe this country can be great again, just not with Donald Trump at the wheel."

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