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Here's my prediction:

Joe Biden wins both the popular vote and the electoral college.

Donald Trump announces the election was rigged by voter fraud and that the real winner is himself. Despite no proof, tens of millions of Americans believe this without any doubt.

Trump refuses Biden and his team entry into the White House.

Then what?

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It is time to and tell all your friends to join the Fediverse

Twitter Removes Privacy Option, and Shows Why We Need Strong Privacy Laws

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Everything is still the same...

But everything is different now...

If you haven't voted get out there and do it.

**Victory for 'Basic Human Decency': Judge Strikes Down Trump Effort to Slash Food Stamps for 700,000 Americans**

"Julia Conley, staff writer: A federal judge in Washington, D.C. late Sunday struck down the Trump administration's proposed changes to the SNAP benefits program, potentially …"

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Why is New Zealand avoiding the populism, cranks and conspiracy theories that are enveloping the rest of the English-speaking world?

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**Leading Scientists Urge Voters to Dump Trump**

"Sara Reardon: President Donald Trump looks on as he departs a rally at Toledo Express Airport in Swanton, Ohio, on September 21, 2020. (Photo: Mandel Ngan Getty Images): "

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Flashback to Fox News referring to El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala as ‘3 Mexican countries’


Dear Fellow #Resisters Just a quick hello. I was kinda overcome today with this weird, sad feeling of irony. "Here I am struggling to fight against stage 4 cancer, but for the sake of my disabled wife and 13-year-old son I'm more concerned about the twisted, dystopian world I may be leaving them." Please, people, it's not hyperbole. Destroying the ACA could bankrupt us. We can counter Amy Barrett if we win the election. If not, women, POC, LGBTQ rights are all gonna go. No Joke. #VoteBlue


Study Finds ‘Single Largest Driver’ of Coronavirus Misinformation: Trump

Cornell University researchers analyzing 38 million English-language articles about the pandemic found that President Trump was the largest driver of the “infodemic.”

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