I seem to still be getting notifications on this account. I recently switched over to .social and can be found here - @Ian_Fry@mastodon.social

See you there. πŸ‘‹

After 8 days of being on .cloud I am going to start using .social as my main account from here on in.

Interesting fact:

Last remaining person born in the 19th century passed away today. Everyone alive today was born from 1900 onward.

New series of starts tonight. Any Doctor Who fans here?

What is the best instance for English only toots?

@TheAdmin Hey. Question re: this instance.

If this instance ever needed to be closed, would we have an option to export all of our toots?

According to those stats. 69% of all users on Mastodon are from France.

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That's what is great about the people of Mastodon.

One minute I ask for movie recommendations, the next I have an entire list that will sort out me for the foreseeable future. Kudos. πŸ‘

What has happened to mstdn.jp ? Their user count has dropped from 45,000 odd to 770. πŸ€”

I have a few spare hours this evening and fancy watching a movie.

Any recommendations? (i'm terrible at finding decent movies to watch)

Easter event on has pushed me up 126,000 XP today. Not bad.

When/ if an instance is ever deleted, what happens to all of the users and their toots etc?

Mastodon.cloud has surpassed 30k users. Impressive. πŸ“ˆ

Why are stamps so blimmin expensive?

98p for one large stamp.

*Sleeps for a few hours*

Mastodon grows by another 20,000 users. Mightily impressive.

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