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What is the best application for Android smartphones to use Mastodon?

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#Mastodon v1.1.2 should come pretty soon. This instance is on latest master right now, which means upgrade to Ruby 2.4.1 (perf improvements), a better styled emoji dialog, boost confirmation dialogs, and proper scrolling for filtered notifications.

Just popped to the shops to pick up some Easter Chocolates. Yikes, it was busy.

It seriously sounds like there is a bird stuck in the roof of the offices at work.

Watching 'Bake Off : Creme de la Creme' and it is making me really want to eat 36 identical eclairs.

I have asked this already, but there are a lot more users on here now.

Anyone from or ?

People's stupidity is another reason why I am using Twitter less and less, and Mastodon more and more.

I have been an avid user of Twitter for around 8 or 9 years now. It really tells you a lot when I am now opting to spend more time on Mastodon than I do on Twitter.

This looks pretty neat.

"Discover the skies like never before with Airspace Explorer ✈️ Available now for free on iPad on the App Store."

Can someone tell me what the * refers to when it is next to the numbers on a persons profile.

E.g "Toots - 565*"

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Mastodon drinking game:

Take a drink every time you see someone on the public timelines that:

- Asks how verification works

- Remarks "but calling it a toot is silly" or similar

- Has set up a new instance you haven't seen yet

- Shitposts in a language other than your native tongue (down in one if you can understand it all too)

- Posts cat pictures


I have decided against muting thousands of accounts and instead am now using the Google Translate chrome plugin. :thumbsup:

New update to Planet Coaster goes live today. 🎢

Anyone else a player/ fan?

Is there a way to view all of the accounts you have muted on Mastodon?

Unfortunately having to mute all the accounts I can't understand. Huge influx of non-english toots on the local timeline.

Chocolate Digestives really are a great choice of biscuit. :yum:

I have eaten my bodyweight in ice-cream today. :ice_cream:

It's time to enjoy some sunshine. 23 degrees in April is out of the ordinary for England.

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