I seem to still be getting notifications on this account. I recently switched over to .social and can be found here - @Ian_Fry@mastodon.social

See you there. 👋

After 8 days of being on .cloud I am going to start using .social as my main account from here on in.

@Snoopy Yes, I have already clarified that in a later post 👇

Interesting fact:

Last remaining person born in the 19th century passed away today. Everyone alive today was born from 1900 onward.

@qnix Doctor Who has been running since 1963. Stopped in 1989 and then started again in 2005.

The episodes from 1963 - 1989 are what is now called Classic Who. The ones from 2005 - present is New Who. Not sure what ones you are referring too but S1 of New Who is not too old.

New series of starts tonight. Any Doctor Who fans here?

What is the best instance for English only toots?

@frogplate Perhaps in time, on a per instance base additional user stats can be released. Would be nice to even see a breakdown for users on the same instance as yourself.

@frogplate Yes, I think you are right. It would be quite hard to accurately collect ip data as it would require all of the instances to collect it in the first place and then make that data available.

@frogplate or even break it down further to State/ County. Maybe not any lower level as people may feel it's a breach of privacy.

@frogplate Quite possibly. It would be neater if it took each users ip's and grouped them that way by country.

@frogplate I too was very surprised. I am 1 of that 989 😂

@TheAdmin Hey. Question re: this instance.

If this instance ever needed to be closed, would we have an option to export all of our toots?

@jemus42 I am a sucker for statistics. Just been browsing through your site. Very neat and will definitely be keeping an eye on them.

@jemus42 Interesting graph. Where did you get it from?

@erico @mastodonusercount Something strange happened with mstdn.jp earlier. They lost around 40,000 users.

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