New series of starts tonight. Any Doctor Who fans here?

@Ian_Fry Aye! I probably won't be watching it until Monday though, so no spoilers!

@Ian_Fry I always wanted to watch it, but I just can't get through the first couple seasons. They suck (too old) :(

@qnix Doctor Who has been running since 1963. Stopped in 1989 and then started again in 2005.

The episodes from 1963 - 1989 are what is now called Classic Who. The ones from 2005 - present is New Who. Not sure what ones you are referring too but S1 of New Who is not too old.

@Ian_Fry I was referring to the new Dr. Who :) still too old for my taste. I'll try to watch it again as soon as I'm out of things to watch

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