According to those stats. 69% of all users on Mastodon are from France.

@timrowe I may have had to use Google Translate for that. 😂

@Ian_Fry i think is just because the big servers have IP in france.
I am brazilian in a Portugual server, but i think their ip is also in France..

@Mitaj It's great being here in the early days to see the growth and how it develops.

@Ian_Fry Absolutely, but we are not just an spectators, we are part of this. And this work gives people a choice, they don't have to use mainstream media and most popular sites, they always have an alternative :P That's important.

@Ian_Fry still not that many folks....200k worldwide? Seems low.
I'd imagine 180-195k of those numbers are in Japan.

@isaacgarcia Yep, a little over 200k worldwide. But, that is double what it was a week ago.

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