I have a few spare hours this evening and fancy watching a movie.

Any recommendations? (i'm terrible at finding decent movies to watch)

@camponez Home. Adventure/ Comedy. Something fairly recent. Maybe within the last 5 years.

@Ian_Fry The Martian, Love the Coopers, Daddy's Home, The Big short, Eye in the Sky, Joy...

Not sure if some fit on the Adventure category, but still...

@camponez The Martian is a great movie. Not seen the rest so that's great. Thank-you for the tips.

@Stringbender Great movie, but one i've seen before.

I'm on the hunt for something new, but am terrible at finding good ones.

@Ian_Fry Hmmmm ..... ponders ....
The Martian? Surprised if you haven't seen that but it worked for me.
"Gravity" was good but switch off any knowledge of physics you have, to avoid gnashing of teeth and shouting at screen.

@Stringbender The Martian was a great movie. Really enjoyed that one.

Haha, and yes. Gravity annoyed me quite a bit. 😂

@Ian_Fry No idea what you like, but Netflix has He Never Died and it's just goddamn fantastic.

For my tastes. My tastes frequently do not align with that of the other humans.

@OldandConfused Thanks for the tip. Just watched the trailer. On the shortlist for tonight. 😂

@Ian_Fry Arrival? I guess it depends what tastes you have and what access (Netflix, etc.)

@timrowe Thanks for the tip. Trailer looks promising. 😀

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