Follow is about to take over as the second most populous instance.

@Ian_Fry Aaand it's done. It's also the biggest instance with open registrations.

@val It sure is. has been closed for quite a while now. Who knows if it will ever re-open.

@Ian_Fry It was for a short time today/yesterday

@val It opened up a few days ago and I made an account there but was then down again within hours. :joy:

@Ian_Fry I pretty sure they'll get to 100k before the summer .

@mcread probably before the end of April. Seems to be going up around 1,500 an hour.

@Ian_Fry I've been wondering about this, pretty soon the federate timeline will begin to stream pretty big ammounts of data . Is that supposed to be supported in the specs ?

@mcread It will be interesting to see how it is handled. I'd like the option to filter out certain instances.

@Ian_Fry I'm pretty sure in future versions we won't see the federated timeline ... and it would be left to the preference of the individual instances what to include in the local timelines, and, more likely, just ignore the federated pipeline for normal people ...

@codydh @Ian_Fry that would just contain an unusefull ammount of toots per second ...

@mcread @Ian_Fry Fair. I think having that complete federation behind the scenes will be necessary for me to search for hashtags (if we expect them to work in a Twitter-like way, anyway).

@mcread Yeah. There is a theoretical limit where once say the federated timeline is moving at a rate of 10 toots a second it becomes completely unusable.

@mcread Even local timeline will suffer from the same issue in time though. It will be a tricky problem to solve.

@Ian_Fry the advantage is that there will be hundreds of skilled instance managers looking at this together in a transparent way . It would be a good showcase of open source cooperation. Let's hope for the best.

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