Are there any official companies on Mastodon yet?

@Ian_Fry I saw Fairphone (NL startup making eco-friendlier mobile phones) who are very active on the birbsite on here earlier (not necessarily a bad thing, I don't even use one of their devices).
Whoever was tooting on their behalf was even interacting with people about "normal stuff" (i.e not simply networking/trying to advertise)

@Ian_Fry @sergiusens My hero is still @Dominos you get just the right about of pepperoni

@sergiusens Haha, yes. I just saw that account and that's what made me pose the question.

Couldn't tell if it was genuine or not.

@Walt Yeah. Seen a lot of unofficial ones. Kodi appear to be the first official one so far.

@Ian_Fry "unofficial" ... from what I've seen, it's more like spoofers. Part of the real limitations of mastodon. First fake celeb I saw was kylie jenner. I'm going, "why?" :joy:

@Walt It does make you wonder why/ who has the time to run a fake account. :joy:

@Ian_Fry Trolls gotta troll. I mean, squatting has been done since the beginning, but w mastodon? Really? But in some cases like "Kylie" I think it's prep to showing off porn.

So, money

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