I have tusky installed now on my S7 Edge running Android Nougat. For some reason it doesn't recognise '' as an instance. Any ideas?

@PeteMoss Yep. '' is the full URL for this instance. I have just heard from others that there seems to be an issue with the app.

@Ian_Fry ah OK. I've been using Tusky just fine so it could be a temporary problem

Unfortunately, that seems to be the case pretty much across the board. I've yet to see a solution. I have a Galaxy S7 and my experience is the same. My boyfriend who has a Motorola X Pure Edition was able to log in on on Tusky, but it only lasted a minute before it started throwing errors, and he couldn't log in again. @Ian_Fry

@Meshelly That is such a shame. Limited to using Mastodon only when at a computer.

There is a work around that I used. Go to Mastondon on Chrome, then click the three dots in the upper right and select 'Save to home screen' it will give you a Mastodon icon, that works pretty much like an app. The only drawback is no notifications. :/ @Ian_Fry

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