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Better ways to do research: An overview of methods and technologies that can replace animals in biomedical research and testing


Podcast on “Organ on a chip”
15 minute interview with Dr Jan Turner, who explains how organoids and organs on chips are enabling new knowledge of human biology and disease.

Have just realised that #academics can use @ORCID_Org to
#verify themselves.

Just include your full mastodon link (like this: mas.to/@marekmcgann) in the "Websites and Social Links" section in ORCID, then include link to your ORCID record in your Mastodon profile.

Hurray for distributed digital identities!

On 27th October, the Royal Society of Medicine in London was the venue for an exceptionally thought-provoking and inspiring talk by Dr Azra Raza, Professor of Medicine at Columbia University in New York, international authority on leukaemia, acclaimed author of ‘The First Cell: And the Human Costs of Pursuing Cancer to the Last’ (Amazon’s ‘best science book of the year 2019’) and Science Adviser to Safer Medicines Trust.


Time for Change: It is widely accepted that animal testing is the gold standard in biological research. The facts debunk this belief
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