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Remember everyone -

Although you may have had larger "follower" counts on the birdsite, not all of those followers will be active. In fact, a huge number won't be. They'll have just collected like dead wood over the years.

That birdsite follower count has a vanity factor to it. Ignore that - and look at your level of interactions here. That's the test of active followers and a vibrant community.

And then make sure you're chatting away with others too. It makes all the difference.

And it's time for the next one! Welcome back everyone, and here we go with another game!

If you love a heartfelt story, head over to Under The Surface. This game loves to tug on our heartstrings. Read about Axel, an indie artist, through his website. The website is hosted by our bestie, Kåre Jansson, and we get to read the book/memoir detailing Axel's life. We are also given puzzles, videos, and ephemeras to look at. To brighten the mood, there are LOADS of memes from Kåre.

If you're unsure where to start, @eveghost the creator has created a updated guide!

And a huge recap document is being made by me. The progress is slow, but I am trying very hard to get everything that I find down!

The first story cycle is over, but there's definitely more to come. I invite you on this journey along with all of us right here!

#UnderTheSurface #ARG #puzzles #lore #AlternativeRealityGames #games #unfiction #book

Please don't use ‘beefstew’ as password.

It isn’t stroganoff

So a new thing happened. A paper we submitted got rejected by a journal after automated plagiarism detection. It turned out two students in India had plagiarised our preprint and then published online reports. So we've been accused of copying them. Fun.

Is there a word for that part of a 1:1 #Zoom meeting from when you’ve said your goodbyes until you actually find and click the End + confirm buttons? Those really awkward seconds where you desperately try to avoid eye contact with the other person. Anyone care to take a stab at it?

Så skal vi kutte ut julegavehysteriet her i landet, eller?

Det er dårlig for folks privatøkonomi i trange tider, det er dårlig for forbruksvanene våre, dårlig for psykisk helse (særlig for folk med dårlig råd) og det er dårlig for klima og miljø.

Det er det enkleste i verden å gjøre noe med.

Foreldre kan kjøpe en gave til ungene sine. Voksne folk trenger ikke gaver, annet enn fra feks sine bedre halvdeler eller nære venner.

#norsktut #grinchtut


It's becoming clear to me that some parts of the fediverse may be incompatible with each other.

This is a feature and not a bug.

Everything on the fediverse is basically public... but people want to be themselves first and foremost here, and that isn't always compatible with the parts of fediverse where people are their professional selves and voices of their companies and acting under corporate (or state) interests.

The vast majority of the fediverse (that I see) is trans, female, catgirl, queer, and whilst it's a minority also black... sections of society that have repeatedly learned through experience that they are on the sharp ends of relationships in other social spaces and experience discrimination even here.

They are right not to trust, and to act defensively.

The feature is that each instance, each community, each individual... finally has control over moderation.

Defederation doesn't have to be justified to anyone, nor be a source of disappointment... defederation is a feature and not a bug.

@mendel Here's my tortie, Jer(rica) Bear Jenkins, giving her notoriously intense 'Jer Bear stare'

Did you know there's a #fediverse server that forbids the use of the letter 'e'?

Well, now you know!

It's really fascinating, and kinda disorienting, or at least something a bit eery, about reading their public timeline for too long…

By unbanning Trump (amongst many others) Elon Musk is purposefully making Twitter (and by extension the world) an unsafe place for marginalized people all over the world.

We should not simply flee from Twitter, but actively work together to break its power.

Consider your stay on Mastodon a political statement, because that's what it really is. And consider not just focussing on your own comfort, away from the ruckus of hateful tweeters, but also contributing on building a lasting infrastructure were all people can be safe. And you don't need to be technical to do that. Promote using the Fediverse as a political and philosophical necessity.

It should be clear to you by now that media (be it social or otherwise) in corporate hands can never be truly safe. Maybe safe enough for you, but not safe for everyone.

We need decentralized, community owned, non-profit media, with a likewise technical infrastructure.

For safety.
For equality.
For democracy.
For freedom.

For our future.
#birdsite #ElonMusk #meta #Politics #democracy #Fediverse #Fascism

PS: Boost for visibility. A like doesn't do much here.

If there is one reason to follow @pluralistic than it's oneliners like this:

"But - like all finance schemes - college sports is a self-licking ice-cream cone that destroys the lives of the people who generate value for it, even as it devours its host institution from within."

A self-licking ice-cream cone 👨‍🍳😘 👌

Dang. #Pluralistic #EndStageCapitalism

Dersom de ikkje har hørt versjonen til Famntak, så lytt og kjenn enda meir vårstemninga frå 1945, da Hans Hyldbakk dikta visa.

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Har de lagt merkje til at versa i den eviggrøne fridomshymna "Vårsøg" er bundne i hop med stavrim så vel som med enderim?

De som har fulgt meg en stund her har kanskje lagt merke til at jeg reposter mange innlegg rundt bruk av alternativ tekst og #tilgjengelighet. Det kommer jeg til å fortsette med. Sorry not sorry

En av de tingene som var så fint da jeg kom på mastodon var hvor flinke folk var til å legge inn bildebeskrivelser. Dessverre har dette blitt mindre etter Den store migrasjonen fra fuglesida.

La oss ikke ødelegge et så positivt trekk ved kulturen her inne som kommer så mange til gode #Norsktut

@tjabergnissen Jeg liker å tenke på oss som den kjærlige, degenererte kjellerklubben i Weimarrepublikken hvor de skeive, frigjorte og kunstneriske holder til mens verden utenfor går ad undas.

(Ja, jeg tenker på filmen Cabaret og jeg vil være Liza Minelli.)

If you are new here and it seems a bit dead and shit, GET OFF THE OFFICIAL APP.
Honestly, it sucks. You're missing out on local and federated timelines which are a big part of where the magic happens.

It's like being placed in the kiddie pool when you really want to be where the waves are.

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