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I'm into Old Norse epic and skaldic poetry.

I'm also into machine learning algorithms and training AIs.

The most immediate synergistic product of these two interests is that my brain short-circuits upon attempts to parse the word "metric".

Mercedes Lackey: Some Kind of Hero

Will you do me a favor, pianoman, please?
I want you to write me a song
They call me "The Hero of Antelope’s Run"
And I’ve got to show them they’re wrong

You see, it all started a week ago
In the bar down on Corridor 3
There was nobody there but the regular bums:
Two losers, the barman, and me…

My column about apps on Mastodon appears in print today. From what I'm told, it did very well on the web after publishing on Friday. It got MANY boosts and Favorites here on Mastodon, so I assume that's where a lot of traffic came from. It'll be very interesting to see what kind of print-reader feedback I get via email.

This is a gift link to the story, so it should get at least some of you past the paywall if you don't have a subscription. If not, use

To be fair, Chad’s my client and he can be a bit much.

Remember, on your site, the First Amendment gives you free speech and free association rights to ban whomever you want for whatever petty reasons you want.

parenting deep thoughts 

I think of this some now because I think about trans kids in light of the national picture, and how if a kid tells you something, YOU LISTEN AND YOU BELIEVE THEM - no matter what it is.

Because if you don't, they'll stop telling you things.

If a kid doesn't fit your hopes and dreams? TOUGH SHIT, you are there to guide them to THEIR hopes and dreams, NOT yours.

Last month, I saw this wonderfully entertaining process video of artist Cat Graffam recreating Goya's "Saturn Devouring His Son" in Mario Paint.

I loved it so much, I bought it… in the form of the original Mario Paint cartridge she made it on. It's my new favorite possession. Digital art ownership with provenance and scarcity, no blockchain required!

Er det eg som er lettrørt i dag, eller er kunnskapen om at gratisstrøymetenesta fører Nickelodeon der alle talar ukrainsk verdt littegrann augefukt?

#Russia has designated independent media outlet #Meduza an 'undesirable organisation' making its operations in Russia illegal. This designation has very serious implications for their ability to do their journalistic work, but also serves as a strong disincentive for Russians to even share Meduza's publications. Anyone who 'participates or cooperates' with such an undesirable organisation can face felony prosecution.

#censorship #commodon #journalism @politicalscience

Today I learned from @0xabad1dea that a lot of large solar farm owners use sheep herds to maintain their grass and they're called solarpunk sheep and life seems a little better. 🤘

Under the leadership of Rishi Sunak, the UK Treasury helped the boss of Russia’s murderous mercenary army to circumvent its own sanctions and launch a targeted legal attack on a British journalist

Find out more about this story here:

Still the most prescient thing I have ever read in my lifetime. Robert Kagan was the one guy who nailed it back in May of 2016 when most of us were still mocking Trump or chasing our tails.

If you’ve read it, read it again. It only gets better with age.

This Is How Fascism Comes To America — The Washington Post

Trump's upcoming return to Twitter, and abandonment of the "Truth" Social sinkhole, has one redeeming feature: a reminder that the birdsite is not a place we should support in any way.

Cat by Yutaka Murakami (Japanese, 1936 – 2022), the master of wet-on-wet watercolour cats.

#cat #catArt #japaneseArt #art #watercolor #watercolour

This is not helpful: In a lead story (!) The Times exposes teachers and school administrators for not telling parents about students' transitions in school. Watch what The Times now feeds in the GOP and on Fox.

Times headline: When Students Change Gender Identity, and Parents Don’t Know

Geirangerfjord, Norway.
Norway is known for its fjords - giant mountain corridors filled with sea water. One of Norway's most famous fjords is the Geirangerfjord, whose serene waters reflect towering cliffs and lush green forests. Small villages, towns and farms are comfortably located along its banks, and in some places streams of waterfalls fall directly from the rocks into the abyss.

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What the actual fuck?! #kent governing bodies need to answer for this


‘They just vanish’: whistleblowers met by wall of complacency over missing migrant children

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