For a super bizarre experience, I posted this yesterday, and it took me a couple of tries. My post kept failing until I replaced "Mastodon" with a weird Unicode representation, and changed "random billionaire" to "random owner".

Is tinfoil hat a good look on me?

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To revisit: My main issue with this, as someone who grew up with ad-based flow-tv. Apart from sport events, I will not watch ad-supported programming ever again, where it takes 3h15m to watch a 2 hour film, for example.

HBO Max just broke TV's unwritten rule | TechHive

I want to put my Twitter accounts on hiatus, without deleting them. What's the easiest/recommended way of deleting all my tweets without deleting my accounts?

I see a lot of you guys posting loooooong toots, definitely longer than the 500 chars, to which I seem to be limited.

Is this something that's governed by the individual instances, or am I missing something which I myself could do about it?

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"The removal of shows from HBO Max means WB Discovery is able to save money in residuals paid to cast and crews of productions, on top of the money saved by not continuing with the shows at all."

So...we give them money to stream the shows. If...if they take the shows away, we will...stop giving them money. Just so they can fuck over people who make the shows we want to pay to watch? does that work?

1899. Solid 8 of 10. I like weird.
Oh, and it's fun hearing Danish like that in an international production.

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There were two competing visions at the dawn of the modern digital era: in one camp, you had people who saw computers as a way to empower people to push back against corporate and state control; in the other camp, there were the people who wanted to use computers to transfer power from the public to corporations or governments.


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Them: Are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solu—

Me: Oh problem, definitely

Them: That wasn’t…it was a rhetorica—

Me: I have some ideas on how to make the problem even funnier than it is

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I want David Cronenberg to design the new USB standard, so all the ports and plugs sigh and moan and writhe before finally accommodating each other’s anatomy in a blissful, disturbing union that allows charging and data transfer to occur effortlessly between all equipment.

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The lack of may feel like a missing core feature, but consider: If I boost something without the ability to or , it'll look like I'm endorsing it. Which encourages me to boost rather than negative messages.

To land here and demand, "We want the same plumbing and wiring we had in our old place! You know, the one over there, on fire, half submerged in shit?"

Could we maybe, I dunno, give it a month, and see if this is better somehow?

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I used to think, ca. 2020, that Musk's increasingly erratic behaviour was simply the result of Grimes hooking him up with her dealer (going by her music she's definitely got a line on the good stuff), but these days I believe we're just getting ringside seats at a middle aged white guy's dissociation and disintegration. He's got enough money to buy anything that money CAN buy, but money CAN'T buy the most important things and the cognitive dissonance is driving him mad.

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Awareness post: there is an instance on fedi called '' where you can only post 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'

my experience on this dying world has been made richer through this knowledge, and may yours be also
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mastodon getting mainstream coverage has been such an intense demonstration of that effect where you only realize that the news is completely, outrageously wrong about the most basic shit but when it talks about something you're actually familiar with

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Hi there. Opening this account as a precaution against the Muskocolypse. Good to "see" you, mate 😊

Birdsite. What is dead may never die. 

Despite the Titanic'esque sense of dread emanating from Twitter these days, I think we might want to brace ourselves, not only for it going tits up, but also for it, well, not.

It may very well continue, just in a suckier way.

The sunk cost, the emotional and financial investment people and corporate entities have already poured into that platform, is huge.

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Back in the day, I remember people would create alt accounts on twitter and facebook and follow/interact with people they never normally would, specifically to fuck up the inferences made by social-web-mapping algorithms.

Now, the inferences made by these algorithms are not good in general in the first place -- actually, a huge amount of the problem is that people put trust in them when, even under ideal conditions, they are horribly unreliable (under ideal conditions, targeted advertising can only lead to purchases some fraction of 1% of the time, if only because we see hundreds or thousands of targeted ads per day & can't afford to spend that much money). But this kind of chaffing also confuses human intelligence analysts, who are marginally better at decision-making.

Anyway, follow graphs on the fediverse are public, just like they are elsewhere, and somebody *can* spider them with not much trouble. So consider chaffing as a countermeasure against stalkers (both private and government-employed).

It's funny, most of the discussion about Twitter, both here and there, is about leaving. The way I see it, if Twitter tanks, millions of people lose their voices. Voices, documentation of toxic behavior, harassment, even war crimes, gone. One can speculate who'd stand to gain from that, but the rest of us lose. Twitter is a toxic shithole, but it serves a purpose too.

I feel like it's worth fighting for, and I for one am not leaving.

I'm just here as well. And it does seem way nicer.

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The truth of productive development is this - it's not about working "harder" or "faster", it's about knowing how to move toil from your workflow and being able to assess what is an easy change from a spiraling complex one.

Productivity comes from a place of absolute simplicity.

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