Squirrels helped with the pumpkin carving!

SMD prototype 

Hand soldered 0603 components on prototype pcb.


I found these bird's nest mushrooms in my neighbor's yard.


...one has a built-in moog preset satellite synthesizer board

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vintage electronics 

found two old electronic organ/synths abandoned on the curb...

rainbows 🌈 

my tiny city has a rainbow crosswalk

snake in the grass 

found a large ribbon snake this morning, also a dried snake skin

cute squirrel 

it's walnut season, so the squirrels are busy. Here is a red squirrel...


I really want to open this door to reveal a well-equipped EE maker space...

vintage lab equipment 

has been standing undecided by the vending machines for months... chips? chocolate? what do you need little ion pump control unit?

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~, humans, coffee, maybe funny? 

I go to the same cafe a couple times a month and get the same thing. I like to carefully take the separated coconut milk cold brew coffee back to my table and slowly watch it mix.

multiple times now, the cashier has “helped” by giving the bottle a quick shake, destroying suddenly a world i hoped to watch unfold.

today he shook it, and while he wasn’t looking i exchanged the bottles. he saw it though, said “still?” and gave it a shake.

“i like to do that part”

Our new ADT7122 wafer dicing saw is finally getting installed. Anyone who needs wafers diced please queue up in an orderly fashion...

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