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BTW I'm not sure if anyone has seen some of the things on Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison's HBD (AKA race science) tumblr called Worldoptimization, where she's so openly eugenicist and awful.

And they pearl clutch when we draw the links between this cult and eugenics.

If Black people tried to do this shit the feds would've been on them and someone would've been shot by now.

The amount of stuff white people get away with is unreal.

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You may have heard that the principals of the collapsed FTX crypto exchange were into Effective Altruism.

Let me explain what Effective Altruism is:

* Some charities are more effective than others, and you should donate to the more effective ones.

yeah, sounds obvious and sensible

* As a first-worlder, you are basically rich, even if you don’t feel like it, and you therefore have an ethical obligation to contribute to those who aren’t - almost certainly more than you do now.

this is pretty sound reasoning actually, I can get behind this

* Therefore, we can and should stack-rank every charitable initiative in the world according to an objective numerical scoring system,

wait what

* and clearly the most cost-effective initiative possible for all of humanity is donating to fight the prospect of unfriendly artificial intelligence,,

what the

* and oh look, we just happen to have a charity for that precise purpose right here! WHAT ARE THE ODDS,,,,


It’s been a long time. Is msstodon.social not an instance anymore? I vaguely remember something happening with it, but couldn’t log in to either account I had saved in 1pw

Which is fine tbh; xoxo was always my main instance

"Well actually…we didn't say you *had* to make low-income housing…"

Combo Rice plate **** probably 1 of the best dishes (shrimp pork chk beef all💯 & buck bangers) I’ve had in Portland. &&late night && hiphop (@ Lúc Lác Vietnamese Kitchen - @luclackitchen@twitter.com in Portland, OR) swarmapp.com/c/8Vpc9FMGLzK

Not that anyone’s following me here but I’ll be posting more on @hagure@xoxo.zone while I’m in Portland for the festival!

I just backed "Let's Eat" | Animated Short Film @LetsEat_Short@twitter.com

A little over a day left for my homie's kickstarter. Their goal has been reached, but there's one more stretch goal they're trying to hit!

RTs Appreciated!

One of my best buds has a kickstarter for his animated short film, @LetsEat_Short a/b an asian immigrant mother+daughter & their relationship thru the years. It’s a really sweet story &just needs a little more support to get funded! Please check it out/RT!

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Put it out in the universe and the universe answered back:

PDX POC Food Directory


Today marks the 1 year of my father’s passing…there’s still a part of me that hasn’t let go—that feels he’s just on another long hospital visit…
I feel his loving & guiding presence as I ready myself to meet folk, have a good time, & *inspire* as he always did at

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