"Well actually…we didn't say you *had* to make low-income housing…"

Combo Rice plate **** probably 1 of the best dishes (shrimp pork chk beef all💯 & buck bangers) I’ve had in Portland. &&late night && hiphop (@ Lúc Lác Vietnamese Kitchen - @luclackitchen@twitter.com in Portland, OR) swarmapp.com/c/8Vpc9FMGLzK

Not that anyone’s following me here but I’ll be posting more on @hagure while I’m in Portland for the festival!

I just backed "Let's Eat" | Animated Short Film @LetsEat_Short@twitter.com

A little over a day left for my homie's kickstarter. Their goal has been reached, but there's one more stretch goal they're trying to hit!

RTs Appreciated!

One of my best buds has a kickstarter for his animated short film, @LetsEat_Short a/b an asian immigrant mother+daughter & their relationship thru the years. It’s a really sweet story &just needs a little more support to get funded! Please check it out/RT!

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Put it out in the universe and the universe answered back:

PDX POC Food Directory


Today marks the 1 year of my father’s passing…there’s still a part of me that hasn’t let go—that feels he’s just on another long hospital visit…
I feel his loving & guiding presence as I ready myself to meet folk, have a good time, & *inspire* as he always did at

Switching between mourning and prepping for a trip is wild.

Trying to stay up tho

Anyone going to ? If so, hit me up & let's hang!

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