Ah, phew, took a moment for the home line to perk up and load up...


Here's some love - Hail Santa! 

New visuals with live mix with cable porn 

New music visuals for old live mix 

Anyone have any happy experiences with social media managers?

Morning Monday - fight the roll of time with visuals for consumables and tea - 

Bizarre corrupt country. Like a shitty small town representation of a cliché depiction of Russia.

“[Poly Styrene] made an enormous contribution to British art and sound – at a desperate time when so many of us needed her.” — Morrissey

"An album that really influenced me and made me wanna be a really confident artist would be Germfree Adolescents by X-Ray Spex. I really love Poly Styrene and I really love what they stood for and how loud, and how bold and how confident they were." — FKA Twigs

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Please share this, fund this - one of the mothers of punk - 14 HOURS LEFT | 84% FUNDED £1039 to hit £60K of our crowdfunding goal! Limited edition film posters available


Bi-racial, female, working class and possessing an unforgettable warrior-cry voice, Poly Styrene was "one of the least conventional front-persons in rock history"

It's a total bag of piss that we need to fund this, but that's the shithole we have.

Fed timeline seems to be a flood of Japanese... when did that happen... whoosh-oh-cool-pic-whoosh

#Mastomusic - Operating an audiosalvage unit at the edge of the web, here's gathered rimfall 

#mastomusic #Experimental #techno #spokenword #scifi #Stalker #Tarkovsky 

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