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Tom Brown @[email protected]

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Art I did for a poster for Steven Saville- it's for competition to win a copy of Glass Town (bloody amazing book- bit like Barker in his Weaveworld phase) Brightes colour i think i have ever done 0_0 I've got three instances now, will share things on all of them until i have all of this figured out...probably.

Here is the pencil stage of the next two page spread for the Hopeless, Maine RPG This will open the MAGIC chapter, and shows Philomena Bucket holding off a demon using a hand of glory. Night potatoes and other oddities in the background.

Mellisandra standing in for the Empress card for the Hopeless, Maine tarot deck.

We have made our first Small Strange Book for people. It is a spin off from the Hopeless, Maine grapghic novel series-an illustrated poem by Nimue called Lullaby for a Dustcat. It can be found here

Another spread for the Hopeless, Maine RPG. Philomena Bucket arrives on the island..

Here are the pencils for the first two-page spread for The Hopeless, Maine Traveller (The HM RPG by Keith Healing) The plan is to have one of these per chapter

Strange and happy holiday wishes from Nimue and I here at Hopeless, Maine.

Cover for next volume of Hopeless, Maine done. (With new masthead and all) It'll be out next summer.

Mellisandra at the mortuary-A Two page spread for the next volume of Hopeless, Maine hand coloured by Nimue Brown

Unsprakably cool. A company has turned Hopeless, Maine into pins (which glow in the dark!) I'm a bit giddy ^^

In which i blog a blog. (Of blog-ness) Warning- contains a glow in the dark dog skeleton.

Also- here is a panel from the impending childrens book...

Can no longer upload art on this instance 0_0 Will probably be quiet over here until that changes.

Someone who is friends with an anime producer. Please just leave a copy of Hopeless, Maine on thier desk. I'll owe you...a very large favour :)

This is Gary-the demon chef from Fast Food at the Centre of the World written by (my wife and parner in crime) Nimue Brown. He is also a possible cure for boring walls.