The countdown to the Hopeless, Maine RPG-travels in Hopeless has begun. Today, the number pf thy counting shall be five...

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Hi, I'm Amanda, I'm new! I'm an illustrator working in Chicago, mostly looking for more excuses to draw skeletons. I'm available for work! My portfolio is illustration.amandaleefranck.c , I post lots on
#VisibleWomen #introductions
I'm also half of this gentle secret museum podcast:

The penultimate illustration for the Hopeless, Maine RPG-Travels in Hopeless, and also four of night potatoes for the HM tarot deck. Doc Willougby, somewhat infested. I do not understand the popularity of night potatoes..0_0

Drawing stage- Doc Willoughby for The Hopeless, Maine RPG and also the four of Night Potatoes for the Tarot deck. Nimue will make it lovely with the colours next!

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I needed a new header for my webcomic/novel site so I went ham. Leathers... Nice...
#ocs #originalcharacters #webcomics #webnovels

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The "devices" Spread for the Hopeless, Maine RPG- Travels in Hopeless

Leah Moore said nice things about our graphic novel series- Hopeless, Maine! (and this was just before she became poorly. You will all be glad to hear that she is bettter now!)

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Hey, everyone! I'm still open for avatar commissions in the style of the ones pictures below! Very colourful, sketchy portraits that you can use anywhere on the web.

- $50 CAD each (Payment accepted through Square)
- 2500 x 2500 px. high res JPG file to make your own resizes
- Procreate timelapse video of your avatar being created

Please get in touch if you're interested! Email would be best: rheall[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you! [Boosts hella appreciated. ^^]

Cover art for the new Hopeless, Maine RPG. drawn by me, coloured by Nimue Brown (the author of Hopeless, Maine) .

Here is the pencil stage of the next two page spread for the Hopeless, Maine RPG This will open the MAGIC chapter, and shows Philomena Bucket holding off a demon using a hand of glory. Night potatoes and other oddities in the background.

Mellisandra standing in for the Empress card for the Hopeless, Maine tarot deck.

We have made our first Small Strange Book for people. It is a spin off from the Hopeless, Maine grapghic novel series-an illustrated poem by Nimue called Lullaby for a Dustcat. It can be found here

Another spread for the Hopeless, Maine RPG. Philomena Bucket arrives on the island..

Here are the pencils for the first two-page spread for The Hopeless, Maine Traveller (The HM RPG by Keith Healing) The plan is to have one of these per chapter

Strange and happy holiday wishes from Nimue and I here at Hopeless, Maine.

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