@GordyPls @daedalus my install failed yesterday. But then I'm not an it professional

@GordyPls @daedalus grats for being the first one to troll me like that on Mastodon, Giovanni.

@trentyarwood @GordyPls There were a couple of things missing from the docs that needed some knowledge to sort out, from memory. I didn't take notes, though. :(

@GordyPls It's a little bit fiddly in parts, but given what it's spinning up, it's amazing, really.

@daedalus @trentyarwood I will never stop laughing at the idea that all this is the result of Twitter users being told "If you don't like the Nazis and the attitudes and creeping brand bullshit you can fuck off and start your own social media platform."

@daedalus @trentyarwood "Ok, fine. Justin has built his own instance and I've built a bot on the second day that I've been here and everything's swell. Looking at Twitter atm it's kinda like switching on Channel 7 News after a week of watching the ABC."

@GordyPls @daedalus @trentyarwood from the docs I’ve read and libraries I’ve looked at, building a bot here looks substantially less hassle than on bird-place-we-shall-not-mention. I’m planning on adding mastodon posting to the Midsomer Murders bot tomorrow.

@GordyPls @daedalus @trentyarwood Well, I wrote all of the code, and a fair portion of the content, yes.

@GordyPls @daedalus @trentyarwood It’s a bit sad, really. I have written far more useful bits of code, but the Midsomer Murders is what I’m most well known for (and almost no one submits requests for my mechanical computer, Brunsviga.io , which I should really write a bot interface for in )

@GordyPls @daedalus @trentyarwood Ok if I have done this right, then @midsomerplots should start tooting in just over an hour from now.

@GordyPls @daedalus ikr? It appeals very much to the contrarian in me. And that you can self host it is like the chocolate coated coffee bean on top

@GordyPls @daedalus though I do wonder with self hosting where the line between making the instance timeline not like wetting your lips with a firehose and creating your own filter bubble full of people you like is, though.

@GordyPls @daedalus and I apologise to all of you for the terrible grammar in that toot.

@trentyarwood @daedalus actually I'm down with the bubble full of people I like. I'm on Twitter for you guys, offline friends, Adelaide food nerds, basketball fiends, some tech journos but largely because I like them as people I know, etc. It's chat for me, not media.

@trentyarwood @daedalus I live in my mentions on Twitter, I barely ever pay much attention to my actual stream.

@GordyPls @daedalus yeah, my Android client has a favourite user function, so I have a list which is my main go to - FW, a couple of high yield infection accounts and Good Tweeps (eg like JW). I think the news side of things here will ramp up pretty soon

@GordyPls @daedalus like I said this morning, I get lots of bugdoc stuff via twitter now, and none of that has made it over here yet

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