What made you think that I wouldn’t check what you were doing on your iPad when you were sitting on the couch with it and a blanket over your head?!

I've been on Mastodon now for about three or four days and I don't know if I'm worried about the eternal September coming one day or if I'm worried that I'm the start of it?

Hey there everyone! The weather in Wollstonecraft is "clear sky", 1011 hpa and the UV index is 3.83. Humidity is 64 percent with a current temperature of 17 (the highest I've recorded in the period is 17). Inside at the bureau, it's 20. Everyone I know thinks you're really clever, and I wanted you to know that.

CW discussion 

In fact I think that's where a lot of problems come from period. "But I don't understand why you don't want to see this" is the brainspace behind everything from dick pics to concern trolling and everything between.

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CW discussion 

I guess where I've landed on it is the most basic view though - any sense of unease about CW is being uneasy with the idea that someone who doesn't want to see what you've written, won't. Inversely you'd prefer people who don't want to see what you've written to see it. That seems toxic and abusive. It doesn't really matter beyond that, you'd be forcing someone to read you and that's where a lot of Twitter's problems come from in one form or another.

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CW discussion 

I was initially sceptical about CW but had decided to just play along because those are the rules here. Lots of my sense of unease came from some things suggested to have CW's, religion, parenting are things that are part of life and warning people seemed like an admission I wasn't prepared to make that those things are wrong in some way and people need protection from them.

Meta politics 

After kicking around here for a while I think I have somewhat changed my mind on content warnings. I see some overuse happening sometimes but it makes the whole experience here nicer.

The bone of contention I have was in regards to politics - I am of the opinion the personal is the political. It takes a special kind of person who *wants to read politics*.

Leaving the flaming rage vortex I found this hard, but I was respectful of others choices.

I’ve been convinced :)

My superpower is detecting instantly when a group of people (most often 4 women) on the train are teachers headed to a day of professional development.

Me: *buttering toast* “See? I did that really quick!”

Official from Guinness Book I’ve manacled to the wall: “That is also something that someone else did way quicker. Please let me go.”

Why does the open weather map api say the UV index is 3.32 when it’s dark

exciting to receive this incoming call from who i can only assume was joko widodo

How to waterboard your dog that you suspect is a member of ISIS

@GordyPls @daedalus @trentyarwood Ok if I have done this right, then @midsomerplots should start tooting in just over an hour from now.

Politics, negative 

The humour to negative effect ratio of leadership spills is not as cool as it was. Having Dutton be a serious option is actually terrifying, and I don’t know if the doubling down on their shitty policies won’t be awarded rather than punished at the ballot.

New rule: every bot has to have a one in a million chance of oversharing its marriage breakdown as per coffee dad on Twitter

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