When people tell me there are some that can be converted to living in this world peacefully if they just had the right information, I highly doubt it when I see things like people hanging a governor in effigy over their inability to pile into bars for a little while.

Republicans and Democrats alike condemn effigy of Beshear that was hanged at state Capitol: courier-journal.com/story/news


People are inspiring. Someday soon, we can have a White House that will do the same again.

We're in middle of a pandemic.

Leaders set an example. Leaders protect other people by wearing a mask in public.

Jon Meacham In His Own Words About The Role Of Consoler-in-chief | Kasie... youtu.be/oR2wNezrj1A via @YouTube

While the current administration has let the country down, it's incredibly heartwarming to see all the other people who've stepped up.

The outpouring of good can help counteract the negative in this uncertain and perilous time. 

Kudus to Airriva, all owners, and anyone, anywhere, who's stood up to support health care workers in such touching and pragmatic ways.

Hearing that medical workers were sleeping in campers, this group gives them free temporary condos:


Thank you.

People who have to deal with the people who won't be responsible appreciate it. #WearAMask

On a day when we honor each hero's sacrifice.

A loathsome idiot wants more sacrifice to honor him.

Using lies & hiding facts to endanger us all.

Oblivious to what being a hero means.

Demanding respect that's never earned.

Insulting memories through disrespect.


He also took time to attack Nancy Pelosi, Stacey Abrams, Hillary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton.

Another message of unity from Donald Trump.


Steps are in the thread.

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Than make an account on the new instance you want to be on and follow the thread steps.

I've done it for a few people and I can definitely help by DM if necessary. Especially for friends.


Here's to absent friends and relatives whose lives were lost in the cause of a greater good for mankind. #MemorialDay2020

@IronMan The people who believe that we're being "controlled" are themselves under the control of a right-wing movement that denies the proof that's right in front of our eyes. They fell victim to manipulators who only want to divide the population into warring factions in their attempt to conquer us all. We won't let that happen.

@IronMan We're going to shake the disease.

(Thanks to Depeche Mode for the nice phrase that I just stole. :blobcatgiggle2:)


Republicans are going to lose and lose big if we can beat the cheating.

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