I usually look up Violet Blue on these things and follow her , but I'm not entirely able to decently.. find? Search? Her. Autocomplete on this post just suggested @violetblue but who really knows πŸ˜… She might be on another server & that might be some crazy rando.

This kind of thing I really prefer a private server for.. on the other hand, this feels like yet another about page & who really needs that anymore?
I like the idea of the federated web, but this feels far from finished.

Apparently a lot of people have been signing up to Mastodon after hearing it's a "safer alternative to Twitter", with little understanding of what Mastodon actually is.

Mastodon works very differently to Twitter, and there are pros and cons to both. Here's a really good Twitter thread explaining some ways that how Mastodon works might take you by surprise.

Make sure to read it and know what you need to be aware of to stay safe! <3 twitter.com/adrienneleigh/stat


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