@Sardonicus Have you heard about the psychology experiment that was conducted using an unbalanced Monopoly game? The starting position isn't quite this but not far off. All the "rich" players think it's their skill that makes them win, not their starting/ongoing advantages. 🙄


"Nazis and Klansmen are now welcome at my bar and, though I will be seen buying shots for Nazis and Klansmen and hosting Nazi meetings and Klan rallies at my bar, everyone should feel welcome and under no threat of being beaten or murdered at my bar but, even if they are, threatening to beat or murder someone is free speech, and anyone beaten or murdered in the alley OUTSIDE my bar has nothing to do with any advocacy of beatings or murders done inside my bar, which is, to emphasize, not a Nazi bar or Klan hangout. This is, in fact, a fun, positive reason to come to my bar."

- Elon Musk, if he owned a bar

Something quite serious now.

For the past 2 years on the birdsite, I've enjoyed being part of Sarah Millican's #JoinIn - there for anyone on their own over the festive season who would like to join in a group chat to help pass the day.

We've had some great times, and I'm planning to support it here too this year.

If you're lonely, just post #JoinIn so we can spot you, or search for the #JoinIn hashtag, and just join in!

Good idea? Give it a BOOST!

It's not enough to squat a Mastodon handle that you never use.

It's not enough to automatically repost your Twitter timeline.

You have a chance to be part of something new. Something important. To shape it in the right way.

With all of us.

Breathe life into *this* community and *this* network by posting here, creating here, connecting here.

Be here now.

UKTV Strictly 

Will's foxtrot lovely, ruined by dreadful durgey music. Musicals week can just do one.

UKTV Strictly 

God this intro just reminds me why I hate musicals. And why I hate musicals-week even more.

UKTV Location Location Location 

OMG another horrific 1970s semi for nearly half a million quid.

Keep coming back to, who on earth still wants to move to the commuter burbs when they don't have to?

UKTV Location Location Location 

Sorry it's 525 grand for just one of those tiny little half-houses? I thought they were going to suggest she buy both and knock through. 😟

Well, I guess I'm looking for work again! Force reductions just before Christmas. 5 years of service, big features built and released, internal awards won, and it all ends with a Zoom call. Awesome.

Anyone hiring ex-principal software engineers/architects/devmgrs who're excited about distributed identity?

If you could boost I'd appreciate it! I think making a connection on the Fediverse would be sweet.

#laidoff #lookingforwork #ohgodnopaycheck

UKTV Location Location Location 

You can remote work anywhere you like in the world so you no longer need to live a in a one-bed flat in Islington... So obviously you want to move to.... Watford? 🤷‍♂️

Hey, did you know that writing a review—a single line or two—helps an author’s book stay shiny in the Amazon constellation

You don’t have to write lots. Just a ‘This story was great/awesome/somewhat entertaining. The author writes well/uses many adjectives/should use commas’

#review #bookreview #sapphicbook #sapphicmigration #amazonreview #sapphicfiction

Assisted Dying, terminal disease 

Seems my father's 7-year slow death is reaching its close. He's been unable to notice my presence for 3 of those, but the numbness i now feel at his death is in sharp contrast to my rage at the disease itself and fear I might end my days in the same state.

I know his faith means he would not have chosen a different ending, but I dearly hope that if it strikes me I will be able to choose to die on my own terms and with dignity.

Oooh! This is exciting. The Guardian has done a brief review of PodQuiz . "It is the trivia podcast by which other trivia podcasts should be judged."


#trivia #podcast

It's still a mind fuck that the world's richest man just purchased the internet's de facto public square, just to deputize Nazis as enforcers against leftists and progressives.

BREAKING: Scientists have confirmed the technical term for people who've been won over by Matt Hancock's stint on I'm a Celebrity is "gullible idiots" x

UKTV Strictly 

Oh dear Helen. No bounce to speak of, no real party atmosphere from this samba. Anton's right, it's definitely a Helen Skelton samba: it was very much the Blue Peter version of the dance. 7 from me, but I'll be voting for her cos I think she's better at everything else and I'd rather watch her than most of the others.

UKTV Strictly 

Fleur's rhumba is a bit lots of posing, posture not quite right at times (shoulders too high, back arching), but honestly, worst problem was it was a bit boring to watch. That's not her fault though, I guess. 8 for me

Trickle down economics was invented by conservatives in the 1980s to justify massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. It’s been nothing short of a disaster.

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