Hey people with ties to Poland, I'd like to rent a room or a flat for approx the month of May (totally flexible dates). Anywhere really, but starting to think Gdansk/Sopot/Gdynia would be pretty nice.

Any leads and retoots appreciated :)

(it would be amazing to find a place on here instead of a f***b**k group)

cc @rysiek @czesiekhaker

And now I switch to writing in c for embedded controllers to writing Javascript.

Hopefully the whiplash won't kill me.

Actually, dreaming of a career in security? Forget the methods and tools, acquire the mindset:


Read. This. Book.

watching my son try to decide which instance to join made me realise that we need a way to preview instances local/federated streams. So I made one: unmung.com/mastoview?url=masto


Do you see flag or text in my username? I am asking because I see flag in web version but text in tusky mobile app.

There's new version of Google Chrome, v58 for those who doesn't know yet.

@Gargron Hey Eugen, we're attempting to bootstrap a campaign for a Mastodon-exclusive week! Want to push this through the megaphone, maybe? :>


Hi everyone! I made a translator bot that translates statuses it's mentioned in.

To use it, mention @translator (translator@toot.works) in your status, followed by the two-letter code for the language you want to translate to (e.g. "ja" for Japanese) (full list of possible codes here: christopher.su/projects/transl). It uses English if no language is given.

Give it a try and toot me your suggestions and comments!

@translator ja
#MastoDev #Mastodon #Bots #Languages

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